Mirror of the Mind

There exists within us what can be called the Mirror of the Mind that projects the world. We do not see incidents and situations as they are, but rather, we feel what is projected in our Mirror of the Mind with a keen sense of reality and create our life based on what we see.

We always see incidents and situations through our Mirror of the Mind. Furthermore, we think what is projected in the mirror is the actual situation, and we are unable to even doubt about it.

However, the Mirror of the Mind does not project incidents and situations as they are. If we have distorted Mirror of the Mind, it will project situations in a distorted way. In addition, what is not shown in the mirror means that it does not exist, even if it does in front of us.

For instance, if we face one task and our Mirror of the Mind projects it as a “difficult task,” it appears as an “impossible task,” no matter how much possibilities there are. Conversely, if our Mirror of the Mind projects the task as an “easy task,” we will never see any problem, no matter how difficult it is. It means that for this person, such a problem never exists.

Even toward the Chaos, in which incidents and situations are mixed with possibilities and limitations, we feel a sense of reality only toward what is projected on the Mirror of the Mind. Based on how we feel, we keep on making decisions to create our life. This is exactly why we must look through distortions of the Mirror of the Mind. If we can enhance its performance, we will be able to ascertain the true nature of Chaos—incidents and situations—so that we can create a new future.

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