Shikan Sheet (Reflection and Insight Sheet) Study

Shikan Sheet (Reflection and Insight Sheet) Study

By grasping the invisible movement of the mind and by purifying it, members can encounter their true self.

“Shikan Sheet (Reflection and Insight Sheet)” is created by Takahashi Sensei to grasp our mind. This study session, targeted for members, provides guidance on how to work on the Shikan Sheets through actual practice. Two types of study sessions are available: a two-day session held at the nature-rich base of Mt. Yatsugatake, and a one-day session held at venues all across the country.

“Shikan” is the practice of stopping our mind and clearing away idle thoughts. Such an unwavering mind will allow us to properly perceive reality and understand it. Takahashi Sensei has created the “Shikan Sheet (Reflection and Insight Sheet)” so that each one of us can experience such calm, clear contemplation (spiritual state of “Shikan”) in our daily lives. This spiritual state has been sought after by numerous followers since ancient times.

In the “Shikan Sheet (Reflection and Insight Sheet)” study sessions, members will work on “Shikan Sheets (Reflection and Insight Sheet),” and further, they purify their minds with The Path of Prayer: Revised Edition.

Participants’ Voices

This session helped me understand for the first time that the “murmur” inside my mind had shaped my life up to now, and that my everyday view was actually stained by my parents’ views. As I worked on the “Shikan Sheet (Reflection and Insight Sheet)” and looked into my mind with the help of The Path of Prayer: Revised Edition, my mind slowly became free, and the way I viewed encounters and events began to shift.

(A woman from Tokyo in her 30’s)

Working on the “Shikan Sheet (Reflection and Insight Sheet)” helped heal the suffering in my past which had been too painful to look back on. While it took me down the path of understanding my own mind, I also felt that it led me to meet my honest self and search for my real self.

(A man from Kinki in his 60’s)