Resonant Collaboration

Resonant Collaboration means to reverberate with invisible bonds by believing that we are guided by the Great Existence as eternal souls. It also means to meet and interact with others in reverence.

We humans exist as nodes of invisible thread of networks that spread all over the world. For a living, we need connections with parents and family, connections with people, the era and the society, or connections with nature and the universe. That is what we call the bond.

With the entirety of such connections, the individuality of each person emerges, and the reason for their existence also becomes clear.

Such a structure resembles the relationship of one piece and the entire picture of a jigsaw puzzle. The entire picture is not complete if any one of the pieces is missing. Any person has a unique work that only this person can fulfill.

In the beginning, we may have no idea that such work exists. Through reverberation with others as a whole and through responding to the Great Existence or God, a meaning of a piece calls out a meaning of another piece. Through each piece responding to one another, each person’s work will be revealed.

We individuals cannot know the entire meaning of the callings we received from the Great Existence. However, what we can do is to try to accept it. With the belief of being guided by God as an eternal being, we reverberate with invisible bonds, meet others, and interact with them in reverence. That is the attitude toward life and the world called resonant collaboration.

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