Age-based Study Session

Age-based Study Session

It helps to explore the possibilities unique to each generation.

In the age-based study session, the particular themes and problems specific to each stage in the life cycle (childhood, young adulthood, the middle-age, and old age) are addressed and worked together with members of the same generation. These training groups will help the unique possibilities each generation holds shine. During the spring and summer, two-night three-day seminars are held at the nature-rich base of Mt. Yatsugatake.

The “Cyclical View of Life” is in the background of Age-based Study Session.

Just as nature’s four seasons possess incomparable traits, our lives, which are made up of childhood, young adulthood, the golden years, and old age, also emit a unique and precious light throughout each period. Even after death, we enter an important preparatory phase before we are reborn into a new life. Our souls are always proceeding on an unbroken cyclical path. Age-based Study Session is carried out based on this “Cyclical Perspective of Life.”

Age-based Seminars

The two-night three-day Age-based Seminars (members only) tackle themes and topics specific to each generation. They provide a space where members of each generation can learn wisdom for developing their unique possibilities. During the seminar, participants will attend Takahashi Sensei’s lectures and focus on studying a curriculum tailored to their generation, along with original study materials that are newly prepared each year. Specifically, the four following seminars are available.

Kakehashi (Bridge) Seminar

Help open up the possibility that is concealed within every child.

Targeted To: Members who are students in the first year of elementary school through the third year of high school and their guardians
Location: GLA Yatsugatake Inochi-no-Sato Grand Lecture Hall (Parent Training will be held at a nearby hotel assembly hall)
Date and Time: End of July through beginning of August (for 2019, August 2 [Friday]- 4 [Sunday])

“The Kakehashi Seminar” is a two-night three-day parent and child seminar held in nature-rich Yatsugatake. Children are also irreplaceable soul existences –. In order to set their unique possibilities free, the children, lead by Takahashi Sensei, will use their minds and bodies to the fullest and challenge themselves. Meanwhile, the parents will take part in “Parent Training” and work on themes that the parents face, such as how to interact with their children. One of the charms of the “Kakehashi Seminar” is the new play that Takahashi Sensei produces and puts on every year.

* Aside from the “Bridge Seminar”, “Challenging Angels School” and “Parent Training” are also held at each headquarter several times a year.⇒ Parent and Child Gathering

Children’s Voices

Hearing Takahashi Sensei talk about life choices made me want to work hard to strengthen the power of my mind. We got to challenge ourselves in outdoor training, and it was really fun. Next, I want to be brave at school and challenge myself to make friends. I think the “Kakehashi Seminar” helped me grow as a person.

(A sixth-grade girl from Hokkaido)

Parents’ Voices

Whenever an interaction with my child didn’t go my way, I found myself getting angry. After meeting with other parents and hearing about their experiences mending their bonds with their children, I had the strong realization that as the parent, first, I had to do whatever I could to change myself.

(First-time participant from Tokyo in his 50’s)

Seinenjuku Seminar

Helps young adults discover their true aspirations and start walking toward their life mission.

Targeted To: Members between 15 and 30 years of age, middle school students who wish to participate
Location: GLA Yatsugatake Grand Lecture Hall
Date and Time:During Golden Week in May (for 2019, May 3 [Friday] – 5 [Sunday])

The young adult generation must face life events such as going to college, joining the workforce, and getting married. They are living in the phase of their lives with the most drastic changes. Everyone experiences the same worries of “I have to figure out what I want to do,” “I want to become a new me,” “I want to make true friends,” as they try to pave their own path in life. The “Seinenjuku Seminar” provides the key to helping young adults discover their true aspirations and progress toward their mission in life.

Aside from this two-night three-day seminar, there are also study groups available throughout the year.
⇒ Youth Discipline Project

Participants’ Voices

Through watching the original videos Takahashi Sensei created for the seminar and working on the original study material, I felt like I was able to meet the true me. I was surprised to feel something that was unlike anything I’d experienced before in my life. Until taking part in this seminar, I had no idea that I had these aspirations inside of me. Now I am determined to take on anything that life brings my way.

(First-time participant from Tokyo in her 20’s)

I learned that I could level up little by little through understanding what my weaknesses were and overcoming them. Before taking part in this seminar, I felt like the world was already complete and couldn’t be changed. Thanks to Takahashi Sensei’s lectures, I realized that us young adults bear the responsibility of making this world a better place! I plan to make progress, one step at a time, with people of my generation all across the country.

(First-time Participant in Chukyo in her 20’s)

Frontier College and Heart Nursing School Joint Seminar

Helps open up the best possible solution for participants’ predicaments and problems in their lives caused by society, their community, and their family.

Targeted To: Members between 30 and 64 years of age, married women 29 and under, employed people 70 and under
Location: GLA Yatsugatake Inochi-no-Sato Grand Lecture Hall as well as all headquarters via broadcast
Date and Time: The middle of June (for 2019, June 14 [Friday]- 16 [Sunday])

Men and Women in this generation must bear the heavy burdens at the frontline of the society or their community, as well as at home. They are the generation who are most affected by the adversities of our times and society. They must tackle one predicament and problem after another. Under such circumstances, what can they do to open up the best possible path? During the Joint Seminar, participants will attain a new spiritual level and its wisdom that will provide the answer to that question. Many participants say that their entire life changed during those three days.

* Frontier College = The Men of this generation must battle in the upfront of society. This school provides a place for them to study and draw out their possibilities.
*Heart Nursing School = Women of this generation must take care of the home. This school provides a place for them to study and draw out the power to watch over their family and to heal and nurture.

Participants’ Voices

Until this seminar, I had always struggled with trouble at work, unhappy situation of my family members, and friction within my family. However, I learned that there was a way to accept all of those hardships from the viewpoint of my soul, as meaningful things. I hope to open up a new world by facing my problems head-on instead of running from them.

(First-time participant from Chukyo in his 30’s)

The seminar was extremely profound. I was able to change the person that I had become after a life of 58 years, in just three days! It was very surprising. If I hadn’t found this place, something in my life would be missing. That’s why I want to share all that I’ve learned with everyone I care about.

(First-time participant from Kinki in her 50’s)

Hoshin Daigaku (College) Seminar

Helps participants restart their life and move toward fulfilling a new purpose and mission.

Targeted To: Members 65 years of age and older
Location: GLA Yatsugatake Inochi-no-Sato Grand Lecture Hall as well as all headquarters via broadcast
Date and Time: The end of May (for 2019, May 24 [Friday] – 26 [Sunday])

Now is the age of the 100-year life –. At GLA, members who are 65-years-old and older are called the “Hoshin (Enriched heart) generation” and are considered to be living in a very important phase. Along with their abundance of experience and wisdom, they are moving toward the culmination of their lives. Takahashi Sensei started the “Hoshin Daigaku” so that people in this generation can restart their lives and move toward fulfilling a new purpose and mission. The two-night three-day “Hoshin Daigaku Seminar” takes place every year at the end of May, and the lecture hall overflows with the energies of the Hoshin generation.

Participants’ Voices

“My new life is about to begin!” It’s a very exciting thought. Over the past 60-something years, I often found myself thinking, “Why does it always end up like this?” but I learned for the first time that the reason for that was inside my own mind. “Anyone can change if they devote themselves to the Study of the Soul and put it into practice. No matter how old you are, there is a path of light!” That is what I truly believe.

(First-time participant from Tokyo in her 60’s)

I now have the wisdom to know that encounters and events can be perceived as Chaos. Learning this was like receiving a valuable treasure. I was bound by the values and customs of where I lived, but thanks to the Study of the Soul, I was able to break free. There are many people who live in my region who are suffering in captivity. I hope to teach them the Study of the Soul and help set them free.

(100-year-old man from Chukyo)