Keiko Takahashi, Leader

As the leader of GLA, Keiko Takahashi actively holds over 300 lectures and personal guidance sessions a year in addition to her writings, in order to guide people to summon the power of their inner soul and draw forth their full potential.

Keiko explains how numerous problems in society today stem from the hollowness of existence in which people have lost their “Core Soul” of eternal life. She compiled a new view of humanity and the world as the “Study of the Soul” that will act as a guide to restore the “Core Soul”. This view has been further organized into a system of practical techniques and principles that anyone can follow in their day-to-day life.

Currently, she gives over 300 lectures and personal guidance sessions a year as the leader of GLA: a group of practitioners for the Study of the Soul. Along with providing guidance to people of all ages and occupations, she also looks into the future of Japan and the world, guiding specialists in numerous fields including management, medicine, education, law, and arts. Her exceptional dialogues confront real life problems from the dimension of the soul, which has earned her explicit trust from people in numerous fields as a comprehensive consultant for work and life.

Since 1992, more than 1.4 million people around the world have participated in her lectures aimed at the general public.

Her main works include “How to Make Your Life the Best”, “The Reason Why You Live There”, “Reversing Destiny”, “We Can Change the Future!”, “The Soul Doctrine as a Way of Life”, “Your Best for a New Era”, “Realm of Hope”, “Discovery of the Soul”, “The Path of Prayer”, “The Reason Why You Were Born as You”, (Sampoh Publishing Co., Ltd.) and many more.

Video about Keiko Takahashi

Her lectures around Japan demonstrate her visions of the country’s future and the coming of the new age.

Takahashi Sensei continues to travel around Japan to explain the Study of the Soul from various approaches so that as many people as possible can live with enlightened souls.

Now, she’s detailed a concrete vision for how Japan should overcome the many problems it faces in order to open a door to a new age and future.

Utilizing a varied array of presentation tools, she lights a new path forward.

Through the outlook of the Study of the Soul – which entails not just the visible dimensions of physical and natural phenomena, but the invisible dimensions of the mind and soul – Takahashi Sensei elucidates life, matters of the soul, and the truths of humanity and the world.

In particular, she incorporates visual tools such as videos and CG (computer graphics) for the visualization of the invisible world, displaying the path to solve the many problems vexing society and create a new world and age in an easy to understand fashion.

Revealing the true meaning of a person’s life and how to apply the practice to life through dialogue (Divine Truth Practice Reports)

A different person is invited to the stage in each of Takahashi Sensei’s lectures. Then, while Takahashi Sensei introduces her practices, without any prior meeting, she reveals the hidden meaning of that person’s life – things only that person would know, and things even that person had never realized.

These dialogues are called Divine Truth Practice Reports and demonstrate how the Study of the Soul (divine) exerts its power in the real world. By explaining the reality, that person is made aware of the true meaning of the practice.

Tangible guidance for the practice of specialists, such as managers, doctors, teachers, lawyers, and artists.

Takahashi Sensei provides guidance for specialists such as managers, doctors, teachers, lawyers, and artists, solving various problems and issues in their industry and inviting them to open themselves up to a new reality.

While doing so, the experts themselves solve the problems facing their industry as a whole, creating new pathways and tremendous results through their practice. This practice now gives immense hope, opening up new pathways to the toughest problems in society that a large amount of people still suffers from.

GLA accepts children as the existence of the soul and brings their wishes forth.

At “Bridge Seminars” for parents and children, in addition to trial courses (lectures), Takahashi Sensei listens to the vows (pledges) of the children’s souls and guides children through dialogue.

Takahashi Sensei wishes for the strength and potential inside of children to blossom. As she interacts with each child utilizing her full mind and soul, the children remember the sensation of the soul and start to seriously discuss regrets and desires buried deep in their hearts. Through this, many educators have discovered a “model for true education”.

Cultivating the power and wisdom of the mind and drawing out the aspirations of the youth – those who are responsible for the next generation.

It is the youth who confront the various problems of the world, solve them, and forge a new future. Takahashi Sensei pours a significant amount of time and energy into individual education and training the power of their minds so that young people can discover the missions (duties) they should fulfill in this world.

Thus, she develops the mental power and wisdom of those responsible for the next generation, and we now see young people with specialized abilities heading out into the world one after another.

Meets each person and searches together for the meaning of challenges and turning points of life.

After her lectures, Takahashi Sensei waits to meet every person at the venue as long as time permits, regardless of whether or not they are members.

During these personal conversations, she tells each person what they need to hear the most at that moment. This has surprised many people, who take a step towards a new life while saying things like: “I now understand the meaning behind that trial”, “I’ve found hope”, and “My current job and my deepest wish have become one”.

Visiting the workplace and homes of those heading towards a turning point in life, and guiding them toward solving their problem.

Takahashi Sensei, who wishes for the Study of the Soul to be practiced in daily life, finds time to visit the workplace, home, or hospital of members moving towards trials or turning points. She works with them to inquire into the meaning (Calling) of that trial and turning point, guiding them along the way.

Immediately following an earthquake, she spearheaded visits to the affected areas, attending to a large amount of people.

Immediately after the Great Tohoku Earthquake, the Kumamoto Earthquake, and the heavy rains in July of 2018 (The Floods of Western Japan), Takahashi Sensei took the lead in working on all varieties of support activities, such as transporting relief supplies, dispatching volunteers, and more, saying that she hoped to “protect everyone’s life, protect their well-being and livelihood, and most importantly protect their soul”.

She visited the affected areas several times, praying for peace for their souls, as well as attending to a large number of people, trying to respond to what the earthquake called upon each of us to do.