Holy Day Gathering

Holy Day Gathering

Members can return to their origins and learn the fundamentals of the “Study of the Soul.”

All our members treasure the “Holy Day Gathering,” an event held 6 times a year (reference below). In either gathering, our members can return to their origins and grasp a firm understanding of the fundamentals of the Study of the Soul. Those who wish to join GLA can also participate in the gathering.

  1. New Year’s Prayer Gathering (held every year from New Year’s Eve through New Years Day) *
  2. New Years Gathering (January) * ※ Non-members can also attend.
  3. Zenyu Gathering (April: GLA Anniversary [April 8th]) *
  4. Utsushimi Gathering (June: Celebration of Founder Shinji Takahashi’s return to heaven [June 25th])
  5. Keiko Takahashi Sensei’s Birthday Gathering (October24th) *
  6. Gathering in Gratitude (December) *

Assemblies marked with “*” include lectures by Takahashi Sensei.

New Year’s Prayer Gathering (held every year from New Year’s Eve through New Years Day)

Mark the start of a new year with Takahashi Sensei’s prayers on the transition time between 2 years.

At the “New Year’s Prayer Gathering,” members look back on their past year and welcome the start of the new year with Takahashi Sensei’s prayers. This is held from the night of New Year’s Eve to New Year’s Day at every local headquarters.

Participants’ Voices

Welcoming the new year with Takahashi Sensei like this has given me hope. It has motivated me to walk the path to my aspiration! I also hope that in the new year I will be able to support my children and husband for accomplishing their own aspirations as well as mine.

(A woman from Hokkaido in her 50’s)

I had been satisfied with my current situation and unable to move on to the next step, but listening to Sensei’s lecture at the start of the year has helped me find the key to surpassing my current self. I hope that I can create a new reality through my daily work this year.

(A man from Chukyo in his 50’s)

New Year Gathering (January)

Clarify the path of life for the coming year.

How should we live the new year in our current, ever-changing society? Every January, Takahashi Sensei clarifies the path of life at the “New Year Gathering,” held at major cities nationwide.

Participants will also receive a “Divine Truth Card” on the day of the Gathering. “Divine Truth Cards” have words of guidance for the year (one out of the 12 *Bodaishin) written on them. Many carry these words in their hearts as a clue for bringing prosperity into their new year (*The “Bodaishin” are hearts that seek the real self, love others, and contribute to the harmony of the world.)

Later, during February and March, video presentation of Takahashi Sensei’s lecture in the “New Year Gathering” is held as the “Spring Gathering” in over 80 locations nationwide and overseas.

Participants’ Voices

I listened to Takahashi Sensei’s live lecture for the first time today. Her story about looking at your own mind and deepening it was very impactful. I want to set my life straight by reexamining myself, so I can face any challenges life throws at me. And since my “Divine Truth Card” was the “Heart like Fire,” I hope to spend this year with a fiery spirit.

(First-time Participant from overseas in her 20’s)

Takahashi Sensei’s dialogue with a company manager struck a lasting impression on me. I also manage a company and have been thinking of starting a new project. I was faced with an obstacle at that I couldn’t overcome with my old style of working, but now I feel like I can gain the power to conquer it! I received the Divine Truth Card of the “Heart like a Spring,” and I feel this is the one that I need just now.

(A man from Kyushu in his 70’s)

Zenyu Gathering (April)

Return to the origin of GLA to deepen the bond each other.

The “Zenyu Gathering” is held every April in celebration of the anniversary of the establishment of GLA on April 8th.

“Zenyu” means “good friends”. This is the gathering for GLA members to return the origin of GLA together, and to clarify the aspirations for their future direction.

Participants’ Voices

One month after I joined the organization, I participated in the “Zenyu Gathering.” There was so much energy from so many men and women, both young and old. They were all connected by one wish──. I felt tremendously happy to meet with friends, with Zenyu, who shared the same ambition as me. From now on, I will try to change my mindset and build a new life.

(First-time Participant in Tokyo in her 40’s)

Listening to Takahashi Sensei’s lectures and following the steps of those who shared their practice reports made me realize that GLA offers a path to freedom for everyone. This must be the reason why we can make a new world. I hope to continue facing that challenge myself.

(A man from Tokyo in his 60’s)

Utsushimi Gathering (June)

To confirm the meaning and reason for our souls to live with a physical body.

Every June, the “Utsushimi Gathering” is held to celebrate GLA founder, Shinji Takahashi Sensei’s return to heaven on June 25th. This Gathering is held to question the meaning of life and death of humans and confirm the reason why we as souls live in this world with physical bodies, by following the footsteps of Shinji Sensei.

Participants’ Voices

“Why was I born into this world? What are the soul’s remorse and aspiration? Why am I living life as I am right now?” These were the thoughts I had. Every year, I’m grateful for the “Utsushimi Gathering” for giving me an opportunity to reexamine the reason why I was born.

(A woman from Tokyo in her 20’s)

Shinji Takahashi Sensei taught us that humans are the eternal existence with the soul, and miracles are how our mindsets change. I thank Keiko Sensei from the bottom of my heart for accepting the baton from Shinji Sensei and striving for the realization of his concept. I will continue to change my mindset for the sake of the world and fulfill my mission.

(A man from Tokyo in his 70’s)

Keiko Takahashi Sensei Birthday Gathering (October 24th)

Think of the reason why Takahashi Sensei came into your life deep in your heart.

The “Keiko Takahashi Sensei Birthday Gathering” was initiated by GLA members and is held every year on October 24th to celebrate Keiko Takahashi Sensei’s birthday. Members reexamine the importance of meeting and walking the same path as Takahashi Sensei while watching video recordings of a variety of her daily activities and work.

Participants’ Voices

Watching Takahashi Sensei tirelessly working from day to night, today, I was filled with an emotion so strong I had never felt it before, such that “I want to learn and practice the Study of the Soul more to change the future!” “I struggled against adverse circumstances, but now I can use those experiences for the greater good.” I want to find what I can do.” This was the first time I had such feelings.

(First-time Participant in Tokyo in her 30’s)

This Gathering made me think hard on the reason why I was born in the same generation and same country as Takahashi Sensei. I felt very strongly that every human can change by learning the Study of the Soul, and that I want to learn further to change myself, even if it’s little by little. I will continue treasuring this moment and keep working hard for my job and my family.

(A man from Tokyo in his 50’s)

Gathering in Gratitude (December)

To inquire the meaning of the passing year, and engrave gratitude and blessings for it onto our hearts.

At the “Gathering in Gratitude” held every December, we ask ourselves the meaning of the passing year, remember our gratitude and blessings, and clarify our intentions for the new year. Every year, Takahashi Sensei reveals the profound Divine Truth that we could have never known for ourselves in her lectures. Approximately 10,000 people gather at the event site from all over the country and abroad. Various exhibits and events are held at the “G.EXPO,” showcasing Takahashi Sensei’s activities throughout the years, study material for the Study of the Soul, and the history of GLA. Concert performances by professional musicians (GLA members) active in Japan and around the world are also planned.

Participants’ Voices

Thanks to listening to Takahashi Sensei’s lectures and many practice reports from other members this past year, I realized that my mind was creating a glass ceiling for itself. This event let me remember my gratitude for the past year. It was a truly unforgettable day. I hope I can become someone who can help those around me.

(A man from Hokuriku in his 50’s)

It makes me very happy to spend the end of the year with other members, even those from overseas. Takahashi Sensei’s lecture made me feel the wonder of people connecting with each other. I look forward to fulfilling my life’s mission with all my might next year. I felt a very strong bond between Takahashi Sensei and everyone at the site singing GLA’s favorite song. It made me feel like I found my real home. I am full of gratitude.

(A woman from Kyushu in her 50’s)