Trials Are Callings

Within trials we face in life, such as difficult challenges and hardships, are hidden clues to live our aspirations we dare to achieve—callings from the Great Existence or God. When we try to listen to the callings, we can be awaken to a new way of living.

In life, we often face trials—problems or hardships that we cannot do anything about on our own. At such times, our minds are occupied with many feelings, thinking of giving up on something or blaming someone for the circumstances we are in. We then consider the situation or reality as misfortune that happened by chance and try to avoid facing them as much as possible.

However, the truth is that not a single trial that happens in life is insignificant. It is because trials have a hidden calling—a message entrusted to us by the Great Existence or God so that we can achieve our soul’s aspiration.

When we face trials, we should try to listen to the hidden callings by asking, “What is this trial calling me to do?” Once we try to accept the situation in such a way, we will be able to learn something from the trials or the situation before us, and bring forth our aspirations and a new way of living to solve the problems.

By listening to callings hidden in each one of life’s trials and continuing to respond to them, we eventually become able to recall our soul’s aspirations etched in the depths of our souls to achieve our life’s work.

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