Youth School

Youth School

What’s Youth School?

Youth School is a place where young adults can learn Keiko Takahashi Sensei’s Study of the Soul with fellow members of the same generation. There, they nurture the power and wisdom to discover and realize their aspirations within themselves. The youths (members between 15 and 35 years of age, middle school students who wish to participate), ranging from students to workers in various industries, attend from all over the country so that they can attain the pragmatic wisdom of the Study of the Soul with those of their own generation.

The Seinenjuku Youth Seminar introduction video (members only) can be seen here.

Introduction of Youth School

Adolescence is an important phase of life as they go through major turning points, such as attending college, joining the workforce, changing occupations, and getting married, as well as deciding on how to proceed with their path in life.
At the same time, they must live at the forefront of society during these tumultuous times.
That is why it is necessary for them to obtain the power and wisdom to open the way to live their life. Young members, would you like to nurture the power most needed during this stage in life and discover your mission work (life’s work) together?

At Youth School, you can learn directly from Takahashi Sensei and obtain pragmatic wisdom that can help you solve the various problems that occur in everyday life. Many youth members who gather here are able to discover their life’s aspirations and find a path in their career. They also achieve tangible results in solving problems at their workplace.

What will happen if I study at Youth School?
Here is an introduction to how you can change your life by studying at Youth School.

1.You will discover the “aspiration” you truly want to achieve.

Through participating in seminars and study sessions aimed for young members, you will discover the “aspiration” you want to devote your life to achieving. “This is what I’ve always wanted to do!”. Nothing compares to the joy you will feel when you finally arrive at that powerful revelation. You will find your special “aspirations,” your life’s goal.

2. You will nurture the power to open the path to reality and to actualize your “aspirations.”

After finding your “aspiration,” it is important to nurture the power to actualize it (the power to achieve your goals and objectives). Through hands-on learning during “Project Activities” (volunteer work) at Youth School, you will gain the power to respond to problems that occur in reality and the power to realize your “aspiration.”

3. You will be able to contribute to the world by solving the problems of society and era.

Youth School is a gathering place for young members who aim to put the Study of the Soul into practice and tackle various problems that are abound in school, at a workplace, and modern society at large. Members aim to create new systems, ideas, and a place, and nurture people for solving such problems. At Youth School, you will meet a lot of new friends who take on challenges in various fields.

What kind of activities does the Youth School offer?

Surrounded by radiant greenery in May, the three-day Seinenjuku Youth Seminar is held at the base of Mt. Yatsugatake once a year. At the Seinenjuku Youth Seminar, participants can find the “aspiration” they truly want to realize and find the key to solving the various problems that everyone has.
At the Youth Training Project held once a month, participants can deepen their understanding of the Study of the Soul with fellow members of Youth School and acquire pragmatic wisdom that will help them materialize their “aspirations” and solve problems.
Through Project Activities, where they can actually experience the wisdom they have learned, participants can take on the challenge of changing their mind and reality, and experience the “Study of the Soul” in real life.

What kind of study does Youth School offer?

What do members learn at Youth School?
At Youth School, members learn how to obtain the wisdom that opens up a new reality from Takahashi Sensei, in the hopes of each person releasing the energy of the soul, training their power of the mind, and responding to the demands of the times and society.
With the foundation of Bodaishin (a heart that seeks the real self, loves others, and contributes to the harmony of the world), they train their power of the mind (the power of Ju-Hatsu-Shiki (Perception-Response-Reality)) to respond to reality, and further, they polish their professional abilities.

Youth School is a place where members can specifically nurture the building blocks of Bodaishin and the power of Ju-Hatsu-Shiki (Perception-Response-Reality). There is a method that can help them solve problems they face and materialize their aspirations. There are also friends who share the same goal and vision.
Specifically, the following study sessions and activities are held throughout the year.

In addition to the various study sessions provided by GLA, Youth School offers a year-long study tailored to young adults so that they can experience hands-on learning of the Study of the Soul.

May / Seinenjuku Youth Seminar

July / Youth Discipline Project Training Camp

August / Bridge Seminar

September / Harvest Seminar

A monthly Discipline Project assembly (registration required)

– Seinenjuku Youth Seminar

A three-day seminar is held every year in May at Yatsugatake surrounded by nature.

Recommended for those who want to face themselves and think about their future!

  • You can focus on reflecting on yourself and find the key to solving your problems!
  • You will have access to Takahashi Sensei’s latest teachings and discover the “aspiration” that you wish to realize!
  • You can connect with people from all over the world and make a lot of new friends!

– Youth Training Project

A gathering is regularly held once a month, where you can learn the pragmatic method of the Study of the Soul.

Recommended for those who want to study consistently!

  • With regular participation, you can maintain a continuous cycle of learning and practicing!
  • The gathering will televised live nationwide, so you can participate at the location closest to your home!
  • You can receive a lot of advice from experienced older members!

– Project Activities

Activities that allow you to try out what you have learned so that you can train your mind and improve your practical skills.

Recommended for those who want to learn and experience the connection between the mind and reality!

  • You can put what you have learned into actual use and deepen your understanding!
  • There is a wide variety of activities for you to gain broad experience and practical skills!
  • You can cultivate new bonds with children you look after or people who live in disaster areas!


A: Any GLA members between the ages of 15 and 35, and any middle school students with the desire to study at Youth School are welcome to attend. Non-GLA members must register for a membership.

A: Youth School is targeted for members of 15 – 35 years of age. Please contact your local headquarters for a consultation.

A: Study sessions for Youth School are held at the local headquarters of GLA (Hokkaido, Tohoku, Tokyo, Hokuriku, Chukyo, Kinki, Chugoku Shikoku, and Kyushu). Depending on the headquarters, there may be additional sessions held at a different local venue. For more information, please take a look at the following link and contact the headquarters near you: https://www.gla.or.jp/en/about-en/map-en/

A: None in particular. It is your decision to participate in any gatherings or study sessions.

A: You are only required to have the GLA membership. There is no additional fee. It is free of charge for middle school students.

A: Yes, you can. However, members who are below 35 and married can also participate in the seminar targeted at middle-aged women, so please inquire if interested.

A: There are gatherings available for non-GLA members. For example, there is a place called Welcome Cafe, where you can get a feel for the Youth School, or Theater Cafe, where you can mingle with young people while enjoying a play put on by GLA volunteers. These gatherings take place regularly throughout the year. Program schedules will differ by location. For more information, please contact your local headquarters.