Lectures and Events

Lectures and Events

Many events are held to allow anyone to familiarize with the Study of the Soul.

It is our desire that as many person as possible know the Study of the Soul and explore their potentials.
Therefore, we hold various lectures, stage performances, and video presentations in Japan and around the world for anyone to attend.

Lecturer by Keiko Takahashi

Responding to requests from readers of her book “I want to listen to her lectures,” her lectures have been held every year since 1992. Over 1.4 million people have taken part in events at 20 locations in cities including Tokyo, Osaka, and Nagoya.

In addition to her lecture, you can learn about the tendency of your mind at the “Self-Diagnosis” Section, experience the world view of the Study of the Soul with 3D technology, and learn more about GLA. There is something for everyone to enjoy, including first-time participants.

Video presentations of Keiko Takahashi’s lecture have been held in America, Australia, and Brazil, and many people there have attended.

Participants’ voices

Takahashi Sensei saying, “The soul influences the mind, and the mind influences reality,” really struck a chord with me. I didn’t know this way of thinking existed! I was truly impressed. Every part of the lecture hit me harder than the last. I’d always assume that “only chosen people can change their own destiny,” but now I realized that anyone can change one’s life! If so, even I can change mine! The future feels hopeful.

(First-time Participant in Chukyo in her 20’s)

Today, I heard Takahashi Sensei’s lecture for the first time, explaining the three practices of “listen intently, make precise decisions, and proceed as if you stood in the other’s position” left a strong impression on me.
I was given a big guidance how to work on my job. Her literary style is logically clear and easy to understand and I would like to learn what the Study of the Soul has to offer from now on.

(First-time Participant in Chukyo in his 60’s)

Lecturers by guests who practices the Study of the Soul

How have their lives changed after learning the Study of the Soul from Keiko Takahashi sensei and practicing it? What future did they find──?
Many business managers, physicians, actors, singers, and other prestigious guests share their experiences by the Study of the Soul, which are held all over the country.

Yusuke Kawazu (Actor), Sho Saito (Managing a company that manufactures and sells electric wheelchair) Dr. Hiroshi Konomi (Director of an institution of medical care for children with physical and mental disability), Kimiko Matsuyama (Homemaker), Mari Sono (Singer), Nobuyuki Ito (Real estate company owner), Tatsuo Nonouchi (President of a rope and industrial material sales company), Eiji Matsuhashi (Dental technologist)

Participants’ voices

It was so moving to see how Mr. Saito went from living in the spotlight to helping others after learning the Study of the Soul. I want to learn the Study of the Soul too. I want my life the one that can make not only my own but also others’ life shine.

(A woman from Touhoku in her 20’s)

I was moved by the word of Mr. Matsuhashi who has hearing disability, “having a mind that equates loss of hearing as unhappiness is unhappiness.” We have a habit of finding causes of our own misfortune outside of ourselves. I would like to continue learning the Study of the Soul, so that I can accept that unhappiness is created by my own mind, from the bottom of my heart.

(A man from Chukoku-Shikoku in his 50’s)

Performances and Video presentations

Plays written and produced by Keiko Takahashi sensei are performed at seminars for parents and children and other events. Subjects include the stories of historical figures like Shotoku Taishi, Ganjin-Wajo, and Florance Nightingale, as well as fantasy films like “The Wizard of Oz.” Certain performances and video presentations are open to the general public. Through enjoying the play, you could learn and experience the perspective of humanity and the world by the Study of the Soul.

Participants’ voices

The play about Ganjin-Wajo was so good! He didn’t give up even though he failed over and over, but finally managed to bring Buddhism to Japan in the end. I was moved by his determination. My favorite line was when Ganjin said, “When should I abandon my decision that I once made?”

(A boy from Kinki in the 6th grade)

Just as Nightingale put her own life on hold to carry out her calling to become a nurse, I want to live my life with that kind of conviction. In reality, I find walls around me, but I will not give up and want to keep pushing myself.

(A man from Chukyo in his 60’s)

Book-reading session

Book-readings are held nationwide, in which you can experience Keiko Takahashi sensei’s books in deeper level. Through video, Takahashi sensei personally guides us through specific points in the book. By this process, we can make new discoveries, or revelations we may have missed on our own personal reading.

Participants’ voices

I never knew I could read a book so thoroughly. This book-reading session helped me to find a piece of my aspiration, which I did not see when I was reading by myself. I felt I missed many things in my reading, and really felt the power of book-reading session.

(A man from Tokyo in his 20’s)

I read Keiko Takahashi sensei’s book every morning. So far I have been thinking that I want to avoid trials. But with sensei’s guidance in video, I have discovered that an ordeal that I am facing now has an important meaning. I have hope once again. This book-reading session is incredibly important to me.

(A woman from Tokyo in her 40’s)