Daily Life Group Study

Daily Life Group Study

Members can learn the Study of the Soul in a small group near their house or workplace.

At “Daily Life Group Study,” members gather at a place close to their house or workplace twice a month to learn the Study of the Soul in a relaxed and cozy atmosphere in a small group. Keiko Takahashi Sensei holds a special lecture for Daily Life Group Study members once every two years.

Five Appealing Features of the Daily Life Group Study

Members learn the basics of the Study of the Soul from Takahashi Sensei’s books and “G.” magazines. They also work on “Shikan Sheets (Reflection and Insight Sheet)” and more to develop a clear understanding of the Study of the Soul. Each member comes face to face with a true self and begins life anew. Members can participate at any time. Those who currently pursue the group study are about 14,000 nationwide, forming 3,000 groups worldwide, including the United States and Brazil. Here are the five appealing features of the Daily Life Group Study.

1.You can have a heart-to-heart conversation.

You meet one another as person to person, and as souls. By opening our minds to each other, you can bring up your own flaws and worries, and talk about them on a deep, personal level.

2.You can meet your new self.

You can discover a new “you” through talking with other members and working on study materials.

3.You can learn the secrets of human relationships.

By listening to another’s life story and accepting it deeply, you will be able to interact with others at a deeper level, thus you can attain the secrets of human relationships.

4.You can overcome trials and problems.

As you discuss trials and problems you face in a group, you will be guided to finding solutions based on the Study of the Soul, together with the group members.

5.You can directly feel the bond with souls.

As you share anything with other members, including joy, sorrow, and trouble, you will be able to directly feel the joy of bonding with them like a family.

Participants’ Voices

I’m tremendously inspired by deep conversations with other members who have different characters and lead completely different lives. It helps me widen my view and discover things I would never have found on my own. Attending these meetings rejuvenates me, even when I’m busy at work!

(A man from Tokyo in his 20’s)

At first, I had my doubts that listening to others and opening up about myself had any meaning. But after seeing everyone crying tears of joy on the little realizations I had, I could hardly believe that anyone other than my parents would care this much about me! It came as a shock, but I am grateful to have this experience.

(A woman from Hokuriku in her 50’s)