Chaos is a state in which there is no form before the beginning of the world. It is the state of nothingness but simultaneously are concealed all possibilities.

Every encounter and event that will visit us in the future, exist as Chaos that has no form, no outline, or with the unborn result.

Chaos harbors all possibilities and limitations, factors of light or darkness.

What gives shape to such Chaos is the mind of human beings. Depending on what kind of mind we have when we touch on Chaos that comes from the future, Chaos will crystallize into realities of light or darkness. Once we touch on Chaos and give it shape, it will never go back to the original form.

To that extent, the state of our mind is crucial when we touch on Chaos. Despite that, our mind tends to perceive Chaos with a sense of pleasure or pain (oscillation between pleasure and pain) and put a label on it as good or bad. When we repeat this pattern, we will not be able to subdue the factor of darkness and bring out the factor of light.

To overcome the sense of pleasure or pain (oscillation between pleasure and pain) and touch on Chaos, there are three ways to do so: 1. Clarify aspirations and draw a blueprint 2. Look the trial in the face 3. Touch on the situation with a prayerful heart We face Chaos with steadiness and composure, clarify aspirations, intently look the trial and figure out the state of the situation, and touch on it with a prayerful heart. By doing so, we will be able to crystallize the Chaos into the reality of light.

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