Pleasure-Seeking Principle (Oscillation between pleasure and pain)

We, humans, have the Pleasure-Seeking Principle that naturally perceives reality and the world by categorizing them into pleasure and pain. With this, we waver between joy and sorrow, or “oscillate toward pleasure or pain,” depending on situations and events.

Since we were born, as we have a physical body, we pull ourselves closer to comfortable “Pleasure” and move away from “Pain.” We begin to live in accordance with such Pleasure-Seeking Principle. Pleasure means ease in living, and pain means difficulty in living. It is a principle of life that is necessary for us to survive, surpassing the scale of good or bad,. Anyone, without exception, makes it as a measure for living in this world.

With such Pleasure-Seeking Principle, we categorize anything that comes to life into two groups and labels them as good or bad. The pleasure group includes what has advantage and value and leads to success. The pain group includes what does not have an advantage or value, and leads to failure.

We respond sensitively to pleasure and pain, and our minds repeat going up and down. We become elated with joy when we receive a stimulus of pleasure and feel down with stimulus of pain.

When we are in such a state, our minds waver between joy and sorrow, depending on the stimulus we receive, and we are controlled and tossed about by pleasure and pain more than we are aware. We can only perceive events that come to us either as pleasure or pain. When this happens, our mind always waver, and we are unable to observe accurately and discern the situation before us. We become incapable of searching for the best possible path.

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