Life Force Network

During the time of our living, we create a network of relationship with various people and places by using our life. We call it Life Force Network, the network that is created by exerting influence on our life.

As we live, we broaden our network of interactions with events and people, such as parents and children, husband and wife, bosses at work, and friends. While using the time of our living and our life itself, we exert influence on encounters and events. Such a network of interactions that we spread through life is the Life Force Network, the network that we create by exerting influence on our life.

Within our Life Force Network, we not only exert influence on events and people around us but are also affected by the world around us. It is because we do not exist alone in this world, but we do exist by the Life Force Network while we influence one another in various human relations and environments around us.

We can exert influence on various situations and people we meet, and create a reality of light. Only the individuals who have taken on their own Life Force Network can do so. In other words, the Life Force Network that we have taken on in life is the place where we use our life, and the place where we achieve our mission.

If we continue to create realities of light in our Life Force Network, we can eventually discover the reason why we have taken on this Life Force Network. And that reason is our mission.

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