Life Path

We make a single path in life as time passes. It is called Life Path, a path that carries our life.

We encounter various events in life. Sometimes, we gain success at work, and at times, we fail. There are good encounters and bad encounters. By accumulating such events, we create various paths in life.

Each of us makes our own path in life over time. We call it a Life Path—a path that has carried our life. These paths are all different, and none of them are the same. Every moment, we are creating individually different Life Paths.

Such Life Paths have at their base aspirations of each soul. No matter who, we all create our own Life Path to achieve aspirations of the soul.

However, we cannot shape our Life Path as we please. It is because, in life, there are various forces at work that try to transform the situation or reality into light, or even into darkness.

Nonetheless, as we pursue the Study of the Soul, we can nurture the “force to confront from inside” against the “force that comes from outside.”

By transforming our mind and conduct toward each event that comes to life, we will be able to give a new shape to our Life Path.

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