Metsu (Ku-Shu-Metsu-Doh)

Metsu is a state in which an ideal way of the situation or a blueprint is realized after finding a solution to each problem or difficulty. When we achieve goals, aspirations, blueprints, and ideals that the situation has sought, we will experience a state shining bright as if a twinkling of stars that fill the sky. We call such a state Metsu.

The word Metsu derives from Ku-Shu-Metsu-Doh, the way of thinking indicated by Buddha, the founder of Buddhism.

Ku means various problems, hardships, and trials that we meet in life. Shu means the causes that have created such problems and trials. Metsu is a state in which the problems and trials are solved. Doh is a method to reach that Metsu.

Metsu of the Study of the Soul is based on such concept of Ku-Shu-Metsu-Doh. However, it does not simply indicate the state removing Ku-Shu, or the state in which problems are solved, and negative realities are eliminated. It is because the meaning of achieving goals, aspirations, blueprints, and ideals that we seek for that time and place, is what we cherish most in the Study of the Soul.

This means that Metsu indicates the state in which these goals are accomplished and are shining brilliantly. As if the sky full of stars shine brightly, the word Metsu embodies a point we aim for where the light of starts streaming down.

When we attempt to solve problems or create something, it is extremely important to envision Metsu. If we can envision Metsu vividly as if it really exists, we can clarify the blueprint we aim for and charge the power to go toward it. Envisioning Metsu is the best move for everything.

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