Compass of the Times 185

Compass of the Times 185

Focus on the Initiative

Keiko Takahashi

Why Do You Take Self-Destructive Actions?

Human beings can be strange creatures because some keep taking actions that are seen to be ruinous to themselves. Despite that, humans are also given the power to survive, even in a world where complicated relations abound.

As people live their lives, they continue to make choices that they consider to be good. They choose the one option that they feel, “This is the best.”

From the viewpoint of onlookers, however, these choices can be seen to be intentionally trying to make reality worse than it is.      It can be seen that they are driving themselves in a desperate situation. There are many such cases in this world.

When we find ourselves in a bad situation, we can only think of turning the tables with a single successful attack. Even though we have never been successful in such an attempt before, in   our mind, we dream of ourselves turning everything around and ending with a grand finale.

Or, there are others who waver for a long time and are hesitant in taking actions at crucial moments. Even though it will be time to take the first step, they cannot do so. Even though it is obvious that they will repeat the same cycle if they do not take that first step, they are frozen. It is as clear as day from the outside that the attempt will fail, but they follow the same pattern without realizing.

The Certainty of the Self That No One Doubts

In the world, there are a countless number of people who feel that they are underestimated or are not treated well. Many might feel that they have been given a cold reception for a long time.

Such people who grow in dissatisfaction easily overlook the goodness in others or things around them, but instead, they focus their attention on a variety of problems. They criticize others on such issues and point out the problems of those who do not recognize them or their surroundings, attempting to dispel their accumulated discontent and anger.

This means that there are many who are dissatisfied with how they are evaluated or treated. However, there are only a few who doubt the sure-footedness of their own perceptions.

With these examples in mind, I believe what intensifies the problem is our mind, and therefore, it is none other than our mind that can change it to lead to a solution.

The key lies in whether we can take back our initiative in the true sense of the word.

Taking the initiative certainly does not mean to hold a superior power compared to others. It is the power to feel that we are always standing on a divide in life and can become aware of   the fact that it is our own mind that influences the situation. The initiative is the power to open up the potential of our mind fully.

The Way of Life to Regain Our Initiative

What we see is not all.

There is a nobility of existence and weight of a situation that is too much for us bear.

We should reflect on our way of feeling and thinking, based on reverence, and examine the premise and the motivation we rely on.

These are the crucial steps we can take to regain the initiative. For us to make decisions on a situation at a turning point in our life, we must sharpen our senses and polish our mind to the highest degree.

The temptation of ego often clouds our eyes, and our mind harbors distortions. Sadly, we humans create respective worlds to live according to our way of feeling. Unfortunately, we cannot expect from those who have lived by obsessing over themselves, and prioritizing their own affairs, the ability to truly sympathize with others, and the imagination which enables them to watch the world from a perspective that is not centered on themselves. Naturally, they cannot exert their initiative if they remain as they are.

However, in truth, our mind can discover our aspirations, advocate ideals, and walk on the path toward the light, even if we are in adversity, turmoil, or complete darkness with no glimpse of hope. We can regain such initiative.

Six months have passed since the beginning of the year, and we are now entering the latter half of the year. I recommend that you reflect back on the past year and look over the path you took and observe your initiative. When we regain our initiative in the real sense of the term, our reality will undergo significant change. I would like you to believe this.