Compass of the Times 184

Compass of the Times 184

To Burn Our Energy of Life

Keiko Takahashi

The Workings of Nature Follow a Law

We are having another hot summer season this year.

It has been pointed out that Japan’s climate is becoming subtropical due to global warming in recent years. During this summer season, when the heat is expected to intensify, I would like to emphasize that you to keep hydrated and control the room temperature using air conditioning, including at nighttime.

The summer heat seems to be a fiery burning of the workings of living beings. This is why I suggest that we should learn about our lives while giving our thoughts to the activities of life in nature.

Some of you may think that the workings of nature created by the flexible connection of living beings are great mechanical systems following the laws of the universe and nature.

The sun rises from the east every morning and sets in the west in the evening. Spring water from the mountains travels through the rocks and eventually creates the flow of a river. In the bamboo forest, bamboo shoots grow from stems rooted deep in the ground. Crops in the field grow fast, and leaves make a rustling sound in the breeze. Indeed, every activity is inextricably at one with the laws of nature.

There is nothing that violates the order and providence of great nature. Everything is born by following the order of great nature, and by following the law of nature.

For this reason, it is not wrong to consider the workings of great nature as mechanical systems.

In other words, any natural event has, in its background, the law of great nature that permeates and supports everything.

Human Activities That Surpass the Trajectory of Nature

However, at times, the sophisticated nature that follows such universal laws reveals its amazing feature. It happens that nature occasionally slips out of the trajectory that is set up to operate unerringly as a mechanical system and shows light and power that surpass the law.

There is a time when we witness overwhelming beauty of the light of the sun appearing from the horizon as far as the eyes can see. In fall, we witness the burning glow of the crimson leaves covering mountains in the evening light. At such moments, we are sensing unmeasurable inherent power and the mystery of nature’s activities.

How about us humans?

Workings of nature could be said to be the foundation of human activities. The same goes for human activities, that they are also supported by the law of great nature.

Humans can only live by following the law of great nature. If we go against the law, we will be hampered by a huge barrier, not being able to achieve what we aim for nor even go on living.

Sometimes, nature drifts away from its trajectory and creates a reality surpassing the law while continuing to operate by following the law at all times. In the same way, or even further, humans can manifest activities that exceed nature’s trajectory.

Humans can produce a reality that nature has never presented as they conform to the providence and order of nature.

What humans manifest—strong bonds that bind things together surpassing differences, compassion toward beings having pain or weaknesses, the resonance of wills that head toward the future, and creation that leads to a new dimension, beginning from insufficiency and contradiction. These are all beautiful and powerful realities that only humans can produce.

To Burn Our Energy of Life

No matter who, humans conceal a hidden light, which is yet to be noticed by themselves or those around them.

Without exception, our life is entrusted with a hope that is beyond imagination.

To manifest such light and hope, we must burn our energy of life that is innate within us throughout the time given to us.

Life means to be alive, and also refers to aspiration and purpose. In this season when nature appears as if it is burning the energy of living beings, I would strongly recommend you to head toward the complete combustion of the power of life within us.