Tree Diagram of Life

Life is a succession of numerous choices just like branches of a tree. It is a Tree Diagram of Life that symbolizes our life as a chain of choices.

We keep on making choices in life’s turning points, such as advancing to a new school, getting a new job, or getting married. We also do the same on each event that occurs in life on a daily basis. A Tree Diagram of Life is what describes our life symbolically as a chain of choices. Just in the same way as trees branch off many times, our life is also formed by a succession of numerous choices.

The horizontal axis of Tree Diagram of Life indicates the flow of time that moves from the past to the future. As for the vertical axis, the upward direction means ascent toward light, and the downward direction means descent toward darkness. In this way, our life creates either reality of light or darkness by each choice we make, repeating the upward and downward movements.

We choose our school, workplace, or life’s partner. As we keep on making choices one by one, we walk the journey of life by repeating the ascent and descent in the Tree Diagram of Life.

Each choice we make in life does not simply mean the choice of right or left. It means to choose, by our mind and conduct, one out of a countless number of possibilities hidden in the Tree Diagram of Life. It also means to give a shape to a situation, either reality of light or darkness. In making choices, we try to move away from our own darkness, and to proceed toward a light in the Tree Diagram of Life. That is our practice of our journey.

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