Three Conformations of Life-Creating Unit

There are three conformations that describe the progress of Life-Creating Unit. The first conformation is “repetition of past lives.” The second conformation is “taking on the challenges from past lives once again.” The third conformation is “taking on the challenges toward the next life.”

When our Ju-Hatsu-Shiki touches on Chaos that visits our life, we create the results of transformation of light or darkness. We call this process a Life-Creating Unit. This unit progresses in three stages depending on our practice.

The first conformation of the unit is “repetition of past lives.” It is a stage that we end up living the same life as past lives. Contained in this unit are state of the mind and wisdom we have nurtured in the past lives, as well as our mind’s habits and limitations we have inherited from the past, and therefore, we stumble in the same way as we did before when a similar situation occur in this life.

The next stage, the second conformation is to “take on the challenges from past lives once again,” which is a do-over of mistakes in the past lives. In this unit, we become able to live our aspirations and regrets of the past lives by confronting Chaos with new Ju-Hatsu-Shiki.

The third conformation is the stage to “take on the challenges toward the next life.” It means to complete preparations so that we can live aspirations in the next life.

When we cultivate our Life-Creating Unit to progress from the first, second, and to the third conformation, we will be able to respond to our themes and objectives of this life and the past lives, as well as those in the next life.

Source of reference:
2016 Gathering in Gratitude “To Achieve the Reversal of Destiny: Dynamics of Diverging Paths in Life” (Lecture DVD and CD)