Cave of Karmic Destiny

When we are born, all of us forget our own soul’s aspirations that are the wishes of our souls, and karma that is our soul’s immaturities. And, we all begin our lives by absorbing the Three Streams of Influence from our parents, place, and era-. We call this beginning of life the Cave of Karmic Destiny.

We are born harboring both our soul’s aspirations that our soul wishes to fulfill no matter what, and karma, that is our soul’s immaturities. And, when born, all of us forget our soul’s aspirations and karma, and take on what is called the Three Streams of Influence.

The Three Streams of Influence are: family which is values, views or ways of thinking that flow into us from our parents or families; place which is values or customs that flow from our region; and era which is the knowledge or sentiments of the times.

These Three Streams of Influence are not something that we have made, but they are none other than the process of development of values, ways of thinking or premises that our ancestors or humanity up to now have made. Therefore, all of us take on those things that are in the process of development and come to bury ourselves in them. We call this beginning of life the Cave of Karmic Destiny.

And, when we are in the Cave of Karmic Destiny, our karma becomes more dominant than our soul’s aspirations. Even though we wish “I want to live in a new way,” it just does not go well. “I make similar mistakes over and over again. “Even though people or the conditions of places change, I repeat similar situations.” Just like a rocket that cannot get out of the gravity field (atmosphere), we are bound by a gravity that the Cave of Karmic Destiny creates.

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