10 Year Law

In order to actualize what we strongly wished as, “No matter what, I want to accomplish this, I want to fulfill this,” at times it requires a duration of 10 years. We call it the 10 Year Law for actualizing our aspiration or aim.

No matter what professions we are in, such as scientists, artists, writers, etc., if our aspiration is the true aspiration to ourselves, and if we continue working on it for 10 years, we will for certain be able to gain results that will mark a turning point in life.

Of course, if we just aimlessly spend a period of 10 years, we can neither gain these results nor fulfill our aspiration. To fulfill it in 10 years, it is essential to set goals to achieve in 5 years and in 1 year, and to set suitable daily goals, and establish a lifestyle to actualize them.

It is our mind that creates our daily lifestyles and decides how we use time. It is especially necessary to nurture two powers to actualize an aspiration that lies in the future 10 years from now: the power to envision a future that allows us to clearly envision our aspiration and to keep harboring it, and the power to respond to the present moment that enables us to deal with trials and issues that visit us on a daily basis.

If change occurs in our mind with which we live each day, our daily lifestyles will change. If our daily lifestyles change, results in the future 1 year from now will change. And if results in the future 1 year from now changes, what lies ahead with that continuity is that we will be able to gain results in 10 years that will mark a turning point in life-. Not only that, it will produce the type of results that were unthinkable 10 years ago, and the shape of our whole life will change greatly.

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