Horizon of Mission

Horizon of Mission is the stage in life in which each of us fulfills the mission entrusted to our lives, the reason why we were born.

All humans have no choice but to begin life from the Cave of Karmic Destiny. In the Cave of Karmic Destiny, we are engulfed by the Three Streams of Influence such as the existing values or ways of thinking that we have taken on in our lives, and by Karma that is the immaturities that our souls harbor. However, by liberating ourselves from the chains of the Cave of Karmic Destiny and causing the Reversal of Destiny to occur, we will be able to head toward the Horizon of Mission.

In the Horizon of Mission, Karma that was inside us is purified, and our original personality and soul’s aspiration will shine even more. By reaching the Horizon of Mission, we are able to fulfill our soul’s aspiration that we have been wishing to fulfill throughout our soul’s transmigration.

In addition, as we live in the Horizon of Mission, we purify the Three Streams of Influence of darkness that we have shouldered, and create new ways of living, values, principles or systems, being able to bring transformations of light onto where we are. In other words, each of us will emit the new Three Streams of Influence of light in our homes, each field of work and regions that we live in. And, the Three Streams of Influence of light will remain even after we leave this world. By living in the Horizon of Mission, we can create the Three Streams of Influence of light, and pass them on to the next generation.

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