To the Land Beyond ──A Message from the Disaster of March 11

There is a place for us to go.
What is the heart and mind we should now seek, the bonds we should build, and the form a new nation and new civilization should take?

Now that one year and several months have passed since the earthquake disaster, I have the following question: Once we overcome the endless wasteland, where do we head for next? Isn’t that the theme worth considering by all of us who experienced the earthquake?

By the very fact that we have experienced the enormous ordeal of the earthquake disaster and suffered unendurable losses, there is a place to which we should be heading. All the more because we have felt such pain, there is something for which we should be searching.

The title of this book, To the Land Beyond, expresses my feelings about this journey.
(Excerpt from Prologue)

Together with the Disaster Area
The Power of Human Beings
A New Dimension

Price(apple book/ \1,600)

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