Discovery of the Soul ──Power to Break Through the Limitation of the Era

The next phase for you to seek is revealed here! This book opens a new door for you and your life, your home and workplace, and Japan and the world.

This book reveals that the key to break through the obstructed situations and limitations of the time is to discover the soul dormant within human beings.


Prologue : The Soul Is Waiting to Be Discovered

Now, Within the Atmosphere That Fills the Age
“The Third National Crisis”?What Is Happening to Japan?
Anticipating the Power of the Soul That Exists within Human Beings
The Spirit of “Freedom and Equality” Shaped Many Nations
There Was One More Impulse of the Age
A Greater Plan Exists in History?Why Were Human Rights Discovered First?
Now the World Awaits the Discovery of the Soul
Seek the Discovery of Unknown X?The Soul

Chapter 1 : The Soul Is Alive

Just Being Alive Is a Miracle
I Am That Very Soul
Singing a Children’s Song Together
The Soul Does Not Die
The Reason for the Outpouring of Souls
My Soul Experiences?Dialogues with the Soul Happen Unexpectedly
“Say to Her, ‘Monster That Only Eats and Sleeps’”
Those Were the Forgotten Pivotal Words
What Is the Soul?
The Center That Makes Us Who We Are
Shaped by Special Forces of Attraction and Repulsion
Let Us Make an Image of the Soul’s Dimension?The Subconscious Dimension
Can You Imagine a Human Being without a Soul?

Chapter 2 : Discovering Root Power

A Policeman’s Life That Started without Motivation
Turning to Nihilism and Desperation: That Was the Weak Point of His Soul
Overcoming the Recurring Weak Point of His Soul
Wanting to Protect, Even If It Requires Walking a Tightrope
Tears of a Wanted Youth with Dyed-Hair and a Tattoo
Human Beings Can Be Trusted
The Awesome Invisible Power of “Nothing”
What Belongs to the Dimension of the Soul
The Power to Create Reality and Call Up the Future
Discovering Root Power?Soul’s Aspiration That Directs Everything
The Universe Experience That Suddenly Reveals Aspiration, Necessity, and Reason
An Ordeal Will Impart Aspirations
Listening to the Calling?In Order to Seek Aspiration, Necessity, and Reason

Chapter 3 : Discovering Limitless Energy

On Taking Over a Company
Constant Battles for Energy
Breaking Away from Battles for Energy?Discovering Inexhaustible Energy
Is It True That “I Can Control My Mind Because It Is Mine?”
The Emotional Script of Anger
The Emotional Script of Anxiety and Fear, and Desire
This World Filled with Battles for Energy
The True Nature of Battles for Energy
The Ending of Battles for Energy Will Increase GDP
The Inner Energy Revolution Creating Ten Billion Kilowatts

Chapter 4 : Discovering the Power to Break Through

Eighth Generation President of a Long-Established Company
The Time to Break Through His Inner Limitations
A Monumental Achievement in a Two-Hundred-Year History
Time to Overcome the Limitation of Doing Everything in Moderation
Developing Products That Provide Complete Satisfaction
to One Customer at a Time
His Achievement: A Company with Enthusiastic Employees
Aiming at a Twenty-First Century Model for Small Industry?The Second Founding
Powerful Control by the Subconscious?The Reason We Cannot Control the Mind-Heart
Remnants of Major Decisions Produced by the Gap between the Conscious and Subconscious Minds
When Consciousness and the Subconscious Work Together
Three Streams of Influence Flowing into the Subconscious
Time to Dissolve the Three Streams of Influence: Discovering the Power to Break Through
In-En-Kahoh Wisdom?The First Precept
In-En-Kahoh Wisdom?The Second Precept
This Is How He Overcame His Inner Limitations

Chapter 5 : Discovering the Power to Begin Life Anew

Confrontation with the Cruelty of Life
A Dark Childhood
People Become Who They Hate?A Repetitive Way of Life
Time to Recover His Own Life?Beginning to Live Anew
For the Sake of People in Trouble?Getting His Certification at Age Sixty
Overcoming Past Restrictions on His Life and Building a New Future
Is It Impossible to Change the Past?
The Soul Links Past, Present, and Future
The Power to Begin Life Anew?From Karmic Destiny to Mission
Karma?The Difficult Problem Imposed on Life
Karma Attracts the Three Streams of Influence
Seeing Through the Habitual Triangle
Why Does Karmic Destiny Exist??Connecting the Previous Life to the Present Life
Diving into Darkness to Link to the World?The Launch Pad toward Mission

Chapter 6 : Regaining the Lost Sixth Sense

Splendid Achievement of Zero Infections Brought About
by an Inspiring Dream
My Counterparts Are Professors throughout the Country
Beginning Life from Karmic Destiny
The Turning Point in His Life?A Universe Experience
Toward a Life That Responds to Mission
Power Brought About by Discovery of the Soul
Serendipity?Miracle of an Accidental Discovery
A Mind That Is Prepared
Miraculous Experiences?Liberating the Sixth Sense That Transcends the Five Senses
The Sixth Sense Perceives the Voice of the Soul
The Sixth Sense Is Awakened in Emergencies
Intuition?The Sixth Sense That Everyone Has
The Secret of the Sixth Sense?Creative Works and History Born from It
The Secret of the Five Senses of Human Beings?A Single Integrated Sense
Regaining the Lost Sense of the Soul
An Age in Which Each Ordinary Individual Is Awakened
Responding to the Silent Calling?Toward a Movement of Discovery of the Soul

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