Reversing Destiny ──Miracles Started from One Choice

“Destiny is beyond our control.”
Are you not feeling in this way?
However, destiny
can be changed from its roots.
We deliver you the power and principles to change your destiny.

Excerpts from Prologue
Because One Suffered Pain and Hurt, There Is a Life That One Should Pursue

Every time I witness persons who have accomplished reversing destiny, I am always deeply impressed. More than anything, I cannot help being surprised every time, thinking, “How can one human being harbor such great potential!” I now am convinced:
Those who have shouldered a heavy load in life and have suffered pain and hurt are able to acquire a great capacity of the soul to embark on a much fuller life. There is always a single path that guides us through life in that way. The Study of the Soul can show us the way.
The footprints of those who have achieved reversing destiny become the wisdom to live our life.

We will be amazed and think: “By living this way, people who have been burdened with such a destiny have reversed that destiny!” Each person’s practice gives clues and teaches the way for reversing destiny. How wonderful would it be if that practice links to one person and then another so that each and every individual would not be tossed about by their destiny but accept it and live by responding to their own unique mission that exists within that destiny!

The challenges that I take on using the time of my life solely serve this purpose.

Whether it be giving lectures on the Study of the Soul at gatherings and seminars, meeting many people afterward to seek for new paths, or heeding the voice of those souls who are standing on the forks in the road in life and trying to convey what is necessary for them—everything I do is to fulfill such a vision.

I sincerely hope that everyone who has acquired this book will be able to open up a new life with the force that confronts it from inside that breathes within us.

This book is for you to discover the power within you to achieve reversing destiny. I could not be any happier if this book will be able to serve you in that way.

Chapter 1: Law of the Three Streams of Influence ─Breaking Away from the Gravitational Sphere of Destiny
Chapter 2: Law of Creating Life ─Overcoming the Destiny Called Inertia
Chapter 3: Law of the Mirror of the Mind ─Overcoming the Destiny of Illusion
Chapter 4: Law of Evolution ─Life Evolves in Three Stages

We recommend this book
This book conveys that we can reverse our destiny by interacting the soul and the external world to open up a new path in our life. I was captivated by her infinite love for the people.

Satsuki Eda (Former member of the House of Councilors, and lawyer. Previously chaired the House of Councilors, Minister of Justice.)

I was so moved that my soul was shaken. A book that people all over the world should read.

Mari Yoshimura (Media personality. Played an active role in the TV program Night Hit Studio.)

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