2023 “New Year Gathering” will be held on Sunday, January 15th (Kinki), 22nd (Tokyo), and 29th (Chukyo)!

2023 New Year Gathering will be held on Sunday, January 15th (Kinki), 22nd (Tokyo), and 29th (Chukyo)!

“The Time of the Unbelievable” where anything can happen–We should confirm the guidelines for living in the New Year

The 2023 New Year Gathering will be held on Sunday, January 15th (Kinki), Sunday, 22nd (Tokyo), and Sunday, 29th (Chukyo).

It is almost three years now since the COVID-19 pandemic broke out, and although we are now getting free of the COVID threat, the world is increasingly looking like in the Time of the Unbelievable where anything can happen, with Russia’s prolonged invasion of Ukraine and repeated missile launches from North Korea.

How then should we live our lives in the year 2023? At the New Year Gathering, Keiko Takahashi will give a lecture and reveal guidelines to live the new year.

In addition, at each venue each participant will be offered a Divine Truth Card, a card with words of Bodaishin that will serve as guidance throughout the year. We sincerely hope to open the World of Post-COVID together with you, with wisdom and the power to survive in the Time of the Unbelievable.

Anyone is welcome to attend the 2023 New Year Gathering. All venues are fully prepared with infection measures, so please join us rest assured.


■ Doors open 12:00, Starts 13:00, Ends 16:30 (16:00 for broadcast venues)

■ Date/Venue:
Sunday, January 15

Kinki: Osaka International Convention Center
GLA Kinki 06-6338-0361
Chugoku-Shikoku: Okayama Symphony Hall【Live Broadcast】
GLA Chugoku-Shikoku 086-803-0066

Sunday, January 22
Tokyo: Pacifico Yokohama Convention Hall GLA Tokyo 03-5827-1611

Hokkaido: Kaderu 2・7 (Sapporo) 【Live Broadcast】
GLA Hokkaido 011-241-1955

Tohoku: GLA Tohoku Hall Sendai 【Live Broadcast】
GLA Tohoku 022-748-4504

Hotel New Karina (Morioka) 【Live Broadcast】
GLA Tohoku 022-748-4504

Sunday, January 29
Chukyo: GLA Chukyo Hall (Nagoya) GLA Chukyo 052-321-8200

Hokuriku: Nonoichi City Hall Forte (Kanazawa) 【Live Broadcast】
GLA Hokuriku 076-260-1781

Kyushu: January 22, 29 at various venues and halls of GLA Kyushu Headquarters 029-832-2100

■ How to apply:
Please contact your nearest GLA branch.
If you are a non-member, please contact the GLA headquarters by phone: 03-3843-7001

Admission fee: 3,000 yen
– For more information, please contact your nearest GLA branch.
– The gathering will not be broadcasted through G.LIVE.
– The format of the event may be changed depending on the situation of COVID-19.