“The Golden Path: The Miraculous Path That Opens in the Midst of Desperation” by Keiko Takahashi

The Golden Path—the Path That Transforms “Best Efforts” into “Best Practices”

In Japan, there is a beautiful saying, “Do your best and leave the rest to Providence.” No matter how much we continue our efforts, training, and preparations, we as human beings do not know if the outcome will be what we want it to be. This is why all we can do is to keep putting forth our best effort and leave our destiny in the hands of Providence. This saying teaches us such an attitude in handling situations.

With regard to the problem or issue at hand, however, for those with earnest wishes to “solve it no matter what” and “overcome it at any cost,” merely doing one’s best is not sufficient.

The title of this book, The Golden Path, is a pathway that enables things to fall into place as they should, a pathway that makes everything shine. It is a miraculous path that clears all difficulties as if working backward from the future. It is as if we resonate with the energies that flow in the universe beyond human intellect, making them our allies. We are not leaving the rest to Providence, but rather, we are setting Providence in motion, so to speak. In other words, the Golden Path is nothing less than what makes our best effort into the best practice to bring about the best reality.

In our lives, we are always being met with unexpected events and a variety of difficulties and trials. At times, we are presented with new challenges or asked to create new realities. It is our lives that cannot escape these realities. And this is why, I believe we need, above all else, a Golden Path to turn best efforts into best practices.

I am pleased to announce the publication of the English edition of The Golden Path. I would be more than delighted if this book could help those who live their lives in the English-speaking world to find their own Golden Path.

Keiko Takahashi

We cannot help but hope that, through this book, people around the world will know about the Golden Path and take a step forward to follow that path.

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