The English version of
“The Two Doors ─The Ultimate Choice for Living in a Time of the Unbelievable” has been released.

How to Find Your Mission in Life

We are living in a “Time of the Unbelievable.” In life, in our daily work and at home, we all may encounter situations where we say, “I can’t believe that this would happen!” In such a world, the key to open a solid future is the “two doors.” In the world behind the door on the left, we see a human being as a lump of material substance. In the world behind the door on the right, we see a human being as a soul.
The choice we make will have an impact that changes everything. Which door will you choose?


We Live in a “Time of the Unbelievable”

Chapter One
Which of the Two Doors Will You Choose?
The Ultimate Choice

Chapter Two
Know Your True Heart
I Never Realized I Had These Feelings

Chapter Three
Search for the Purpose of Your Life
The True Heart That Permeates Life

Chapter Four
Let Others Live in Your Heart
In Every Kind of Worry, There Is the Shadow of That “Someone”

Chapter Five
Stop Labeling
The Nihilism That Is in All Our Minds

Chapter Six
Take Out Treasures From Hardships
The Concept of “Kintsugi”