On Sunday, January 21, and on Sunday, January 28, 2024 New Year Gathering will be held throughout Japan

A New Year — Opening the Promised Future

Every January, the GLA holds a New Year Gathering to welcome the general public.
In 2024, the New Year Gathering will be held on Sunday, January 21st at the Kyoto Municipal Kangyo-Kan Miyakomesse and on Sunday, January 28th at the Pacifico Yokohama National Hall.
On the day of the event, Keiko Takahashi sensei will present us guidelines for living in the new year through her lecture.
In an era of increasing turmoil, how should we live our lives to open the door to the future with unshakable hope? We would like to search for the answer to this question together with you.
Each participant will receive a Divine Truth Card (a card with words of Bodaishin that will support you throughout the year).
The 2024 New Year Gathering is open to everyone.
Even in these turbulent times, we hope that the year 2024 will be a year in which each of you will open the promised future entrusted to your life.
We look forward to seeing you at the “2024 New Year Gathering”.

The “New Year’s Mid-Winter Gathering” (February) and the “New Year’s Spring Gathering” (March), in which the entire program of the “2024 New Year Gathering” will be broadcast, will be held throughout Japan and abroad.
Takahashi sensei will be visiting Nagoya International Conference Center (Sun, Feb. 11th), Hiroshima International Conference Center (Sun, Feb. 18th), Kumamoto Castle Hall (Sun, Feb. 25), and Yamanashi Prefectural Museum of Literature (Sun, Mar. 24) to give her lecture. If you are in the areas, we look forward to seeing you there.

Outline of 2024 New Year Gathering

Doors open: 12:00 pm, Start of program: 1:00 pm, End of program (scheduled): 4:30 pm (Live broadcast venues: 4:00 pm)

Dates and Venues

Sunday, January 21st

Kinki: Kyoto Miyako Messe Exhibition Center, 3F Exhibition Hall
GLA Kinki 06-6338-0361

Live broadcast
Hokkaido: Kaderu 2・7 (Sapporo)
GLA Hokkaido 011-241-1955
Tohoku: Hotel New CARINA (Morioka)
GLA Tohoku 022-748-4505

Sunday, January 28th

Tokyo: Pacifico Yokohama National Convention Hall
GLA Tokyo 03-5827-1611

Live broadcast
Tohoku: Sendai International Center, Sakura
GLA Tohoku 022-748-4504
Hokuriku: Nonoichi City Hall Forte
GLA Hokuriku 076-260-1781
Chugoku Shikoku: Okayama Symphony Hall
GLA Chugoku Shikoku 086-803-0066
Kyushu: Denki Building Mirai Hall, (Fukuoka)
GLA Kyushu 092-832-2100

※All Chukyo area residents are invited to attend the New Year’s Gathering at Nagoya International Conference Center Shirotori Hall on Sunday, February 11. GLA Chukyo 052-321-8200

■ How to apply:
General public referred by a member and GLA member Click Here Please apply from GLA mobile site or Members’ page of GLA website.
For the general public, please call GLA General Headquarters at TEL: 03-3843-7001.

■ Admission fee: 3,000 JPY
For more information, including the purchase of tickets please contact the above address
(The headquarter is closed on Mondays.)