July 11-12, The GATE Series Seminar (3rd series, 3rd lecture) was held via G. Live!

“How to Create the Best Life: Listening to the Melody that Resonates in the Undercurrent of Life”

On July 11-12, The GATE Series Seminar (3rd series, 3rd lecture) was held via G. Live (live internet broadcast) with the above title.

Advocated by Keiko Takahashi sensei, The GATE Series Seminar is a year-long, registration-only seminar designed for people in management, medicine, education, and other fields, to solve problems and open up a new path in their respective fields by studying and practicing Total Life (TL) Human Principles (the Study of the Soul).

This time was the final lecture of the third series. About 1,300 people from all over Japan and abroad participated in the seminar.

In the midst of the global pandemic of the novel coronavirus, Japan is also facing a series of severe situations, such as the economic impact from the conflict between the United States and China, and the damage caused by the torrential rains mainly in the Kyushu area. Truly, we are in the era of “unbelievable” where anything can happen, and the first day’s study session began with a video presentation of how Takahashi sensei brought forth the results of light transformation, in such a world. She did so with the Method for Engaging Chaos, in which we perceive the situation in front of us as Chaos that contains both factors of light and darkness.

Sensei showed specific measures to be taken from the early stages of the novel coronavirus infection, and provided guidance to experts in medicine, management, and other fields. It became clear as to how many people were protected and guided to solve problems by a novel coronavirus diagnostic chart proposed by her, and by the Introductory course of the Financial Statements for managers.

In any situation, there is always a path toward light transformation. With this realization, from the following study session each participant through the given guidance, started to work on worksheets to deal with the Chaos that they were facing.

On the second day, through the video recording of sensei’s lectures in 2019, the participants had a time to return to the origin of the Study of the Soul, which takes the view that human beings are souls who harbor eternal life. In addition, the participants continued to work on the worksheets from the previous day and were guided not only in creating a path to their Chaos, but were also guided towards their life’s purpose, mission and soul’s aspiration.

Lecture by Takahashi sensei
– To Deepen the Method for Engaging Chaos through the Inner-Outer Unification Cycle

The seminar concluded with a lecture by Takahashi sensei. Sensei showed us that the Method for Engaging Chaos is a way of life based on the Inner-Outer Unification Cycle that connects the spiritual world (inside) and the real world (outside), and depending on our Ju-Hatsu-Shiki (mind’s function of receiving (perception)→ transmitting (response)→ reality) completely different realities are created.

Sensei then, through a dialogue with a man who runs a food manufacturing company, specifically explained what kind of future can be opened up by the Method for Engaging Chaos.

After tracing the course of his life in detail from his upbringing, sensei then used a worksheet to highlight his experiences from approximately 10 years ago when he became the president. At that time his immature mind made problems in which that Chaos crystallized into a reality of dark transformation.

After refining his mind and continuing practicing the Method for Engaging Chaos, this year, he faced the corona pandemic. It was a huge ordeal in comparison to the problems he had experienced ten years ago, but he drew out more realities of light transformation than ever before. Sensei told us that what made the difference was the power of the nurtured mind (the power of Ju-Hatsu-Shiki), and it was precisely this reversal of his mind that led a very severe problem into brighter realities.

By cultivating the Method for Engaging Chaos through the Inner-Outer Unification Cycle, it will give us tremendous power and hope to transform our mind (Ju-Hatsu-Shiki) that was made unconsciously through our birth and upbringing.

With this conviction, the participants embarked on a new step toward the post-corona era.

The seminar for experts in special fields, the TL Human Principles Seminar, will be held on Saturday, October 3 and Sunday, October 4.