July 5, the first lecture of the 27th Global GENESIS Project (GGP) Study by Keiko Takahashi sensei was held on G. Live!

Toward the step to deepen further The Power to Know Oneself

On July 5, the first lecture of the 27th Global Genesis Project (GGP) study by Takahashi sensei was broadcasted from the GLA general headquarters main building via G. Live (live internet broadcasting).

The GGP study is a year-long series of study sessions to learn the essence of the Study of the Soul through practices and now meets its 27th year since the course began in 1994.

This year, it was launched on April 26, and after two months of the One Day One Sheet Special Seminar to Know Oneself, this day marked the beginning of a new study session.

In the first half of the program, the GLA Now was shared through introducing the past two months of progress.

During the self-restraint period due to the spread of the novel coronavirus, sensei perceived this time when outward activities became restricted as the chance, all the more, to face oneself, and held the One Day One Sheet Special Seminar to Know Oneself. 16,000 members from all over Japan and abroad concentrated on working on cultivating the Power to Know Oneself. In particular, the seven live lectures by sensei brought new discoveries to the participants each time, and the path to know oneself deepened remarkably .

And then, there was a video presentation of sensei from the Zenyu Gathering (June 28).

The video presented the essence of sensei’s lecture, and following the end of her lecture, showed her visit to various GLA buildings in the Yatsugatake Inochi-no-Sato (a training facility of GLA at the foot of Yatsugatake).

Her visits included the life memorial hall, engraved monument, the main auditorium, the south auditorium, and a meeting with the project members who support and protect this place. Each participant’s memories of the Yatsugatake Inochi-no-Sato were recalled, and it became a time to realize once again that Inochi-no Sato is indeed the homeland of our souls.

Afterwards, the three attractive features of the GGP study (“To learn about the essence of the Study of the Soul,” “To enhance the Power to Know Oneself,” and “To polish one’s practical skills”) were introduced, and expectations for the new study that was about to begin were heightened.

Lecture by Takahashi sensei: Practicing the Divine Truth with the Method for Engaging Chaos

The second half was at last sensei’s lecture. Sensei stated that this 27th GGP Study is the place of practice to take the One Day One Sheet Special Seminar to the next level, to further deepen the power to know oneself, and to apply this in our daily lives.

She revealed that the One Day One Sheet Special Seminar, which aimed to move from the False Self (Initial Self) to the Good Self (Next Self) and then to the Real Self (Final Form of Self), was in fact a seminar for laying the foundation for walking the path on the Map of Life (the perspective of the Great Existence, God on the path of human souls).

Unless we meet sensei and learn the Study of the Soul, we will never be able to know the Map of Life. The joy and blessing of being able to touch upon that truth was felt by everyone.

Sensei stated that an important way of life to walk on the Map of Life is with the Method for Engaging Chaos, which sees the reality in front of us as Chaos with unborn results, that contains both possibilities of light and dark transformation. With this, she introduced a newly created material sheet.

Then she invited a young business owner of a venture company to the stage and unraveled the steps of his practice, following the steps of the material sheet. His school days were filled with bullying, truancy, and a sense of emptiness that left him with no good memories, but he has now founded a company that is developing cutting-edge technologies useful to society. His amazing life journey surprised many of the participants and gave them a strong hope that they can certainly change their lives.

Sensei also had a dialogue with a woman who attended the One Day One Sheet Special Seminar with her elderly mother. The mother who could not get an adequate education was led to a deeper discovery and joy beyond words. Through this study, they were able to transcend their differences as mother and daughter to a bond as souls. It was a moving experience that brought irresistible tears to everyone’s eyes.

By enhancing the Power to Know Oneself and practicing the Divine Truth, we will definitely walk into a new future and a new life! With this conviction, the 27th GGP study was started.