Keiko Takahashi’s 2023 Online Lecture with English Subtitles on Sunday, November 26th!”

Reclaim Your Life

The Power to Survive the Time of the Unbelievable

You’re invited to the “2023 Keiko Takahashi Lecture (video gathering/online)” taking place on Sunday, November 26. Even if you couldn’t make it to the live event, you can access the recorded video of the entire program. The video will be available at the GLA’s headquarters, various terminals, select external venues, and online for live streaming.

Everyone is welcome, including members, so feel free to invite your family, friends, and acquaintances to join us for this engaging online experience. We look forward to your participation!
Application deadline: Saturday, November 25, 5:00 PM (JST)

The theme of this year’s lecture is “Reclaim Your Life”.

In these uncertain and turbulent times, how can we reclaim our true lives and live a vibrant and shining life? We hope to share with you the keys to unlock the path of hope that can never be taken away from us, no matter what trials and difficulties we face.

For more information, please download the leaflet below.

In addition to the above, the lecture will be held at various GLA headquarters and branches.
For the latest information, please check the official website of the Lecture by Keiko Takahashi (available only in Japanese)(→Here).

■ Participation fee: 3,000 yen 
■ Registration:
For GLA members, please register from either of the websites as follows:.
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Those who were introduced by a GLA member, please have the GLA member register for you from one of the websites or by emailing the contact information above.
■ Keiko Takahashi Lecture Committee (Tel: 03-5828-1587)(available only in Japanese)

Reactions to 2022 Lecture by Keiko Takahashi

Sunday, November 20th, 2022 On Sunday, November 20th, the “2022 Keiko Takahashi Lecture” took place in Kanazawa and other locations throughout Japan and outside the country, with approximately 10,000 attendees!

Voices of Participants

A valuable lecture that I have never heard before.
I found Takahashi-sensei to be very energetic and powerful. I have never met such a person before, and today I had the opportunity to hear a very valuable talk. In particular, I learned a lot from her practice report. I have been living a normal life without any hard experiences, but from now on I would like to learn more about what is important and how to respond to it, instead of getting excited because something good happened or getting depressed because something bad happened. (Male, 20s, first time participant)

I also wanted to do my best to beat the disease.
I had a copy of Takahashi-sensei’s book before, but I had not read it. But strangely enough, another patient at the hospital where I was hospitalized told me about this lecture. Today I attended for the first time and was surprised to see so many people there, and so many of them were young. Sensei had an amazing aura and was very powerful and inspiring. I was also moved by the family’s sincere efforts to take care of the patient. As a sick person myself, I thought, “I must do my best!” (Female, 60s, first-time participant)

I was energized by the divine truth practice report.
I was very surprised to see so many people come to this place and to see everyone listening to the lecture so attentively. Sensei is a passionate person. In her lecture, I empathized with the importance of “the power to believe.” In my country, the United Kingdom, the pound is weak, politics are messed up, and there are a series of “unbelievable” situations. Many people are feeling mentally sick and wondering how they can overcome the situation. I wanted to help those people, even if only a little. I was very much encouraged by the stories of practice reports. In times like these, it is easy to feel sad or to be preoccupied with one’s own affairs, but the practitioners who are working so hard for the sake of others encouraged me to “do my best too!” (Male, 40s, first-time participant, overseas)

I felt that this teaching has a great power to create a new reality.
Sensei’s teaching was truly astounding. It was wonderful. In these difficult times, I felt that it would be difficult to live without this study. I felt how important it is for everyone in the world to listen to this teaching, because we need to live in a way that draws out people’s inner potential in the midst of envy, anger, and many other thoughts and feelings, or we will not have a bright future. Today became a very important day for me. I felt that this teaching has a great power to create a new reality. (Male, 60s, USA, first-time participant)

It was very helpful for my way of life in the future.
The talk was very helpful as a reference point for guiding my future way of life. I was especially moved to tears as I listened to the stories of those who shared their experiences on practice reports, saying, “You have done a great job.” I thought that the practice report confirmed that “Even though the future may be uncertain, it is meaningful to approach it as a matter of the mind.” After the event, I met with Takahashi-sensei, who mentioned the name of my mentor. I was very surprised that she knew that he was my mentor, even though she had never met him before. So I felt completely connected with Takahashi-sensei. (Male, 70s)

I didn’t know how to change, but I thought I could change here.
Today was the first time for me to participate in this event, and after working on the “self-diagnosis chart” at the venue, I realized that I have to change myself. In the “Age of the Unbelievable,” the company was experiencing financial difficulties due to soaring fuel prices, COVID-19, and other factors, as well as various problems such as the treatment of employees, and I wondered what I should do as a manager. I thought, “I have to change,” but I didn’t know how to change. But I thought, “I can change here!” (Female, 40s, first-time participant)

I want to live my daily life with a strong “power to believe.”
I work in nursing, and when I received words of appreciation from Takahashi-sensei, I was overwhelmed by the tremendous power I felt. It was a truly fulfilling day. In most medical settings, not only the patient but also their family members get exhausted. Watching the video of the first half of the program, I was amazed at how the family members were united in taking positive action even in the face of a serious illness, and they were all trying to contribute to society, I thought, “This is really amazing!” After listening to Sensei’s lecture, I realized that even in a world where what everyone believes in is crumbling, I want to live my daily life with a strong “power to believe.” To do so, I would like to know my own mental tendencies and demonstrate my strength for the sake of my patients. (Female, 40s)

No matter what era we are in, we must never forget to believe.
After listening to the lecture, I felt, “I myself am in a great power and am able to act within it. It is exactly as Takahashi-sensei said”. I work for a children’s hospice, and I also feel that believing and especially connecting with the families of the patients is important, so I would very much like to share this learning with the families. I realized that no matter what era we live in, we must never forget to believe, and I would like to learn more and empower myself. (Male, 60s)

I was very attracted to Takahashi-sensei’s brightness and power.
I work in the welfare field, but in the “Age of the Unbelievable,” things I had taken for granted have changed, and I have been mentally exhausted. However, after listening to your lecture today, I was so fascinated by Takahashi-sensei’s brightness and power that I thought, “I want to walk the path of believing, not doubting!” I tend to think about the negative aspects of things at work, but I realized once again that if I don’t refine my mind and keep learning, I won’t be able to provide good service to the staff and users. I felt strongly that I wanted to learn more so that I could say, “I am really happy that I do this job.” (Female, 60s, first time participant)