Compass of the Times 199

Compass of the Times 199

To Resonate With the Universe

Keiko Takahashi

We Need the Support of the Entire Universe to Live Even a Day

What is the range of scale you experience in your daily life?

It could be said that people live most of their daily lives within an area of about five-kilometer in radius, and their commuting distance may just be several dozens of kilometers. Thus, even though we sometimes travel hundreds and thousands of kilometers, we basically live in a world that ranges from a few kilometers to several dozens of kilometers.

Our daily life is spent in such narrow areas, but this month, I would like to broaden our thoughts to “collaborating in resonance with the universe.”

When you hear the phrase “collaborating in resonance with the universe,” you may have an impression that it is an extremely exaggerated expression. However, if we think about it for a moment, conducting daily-life activities is not possible only by our own efforts but, for us to do so, we need a local community and a stable nation, as well as a global society that has a certain level of order. In addition, all of these are made possible because Earth’s environment supports human life, and our planet orbits steadily in the solar system.

Furthermore, the orbit of the Earth is based on the stability of the solar system and the order of the galaxy that our solar system lies within. The stability of our galaxy is maintained by the mutual order of surrounding galaxies and by the operation of the entire universe.

The reason why we can breathe and walk on Earth every day, as a matter of course, is because of the underlying truth that we are supported by our connection with the universe and its laws, even if we are hardly conscious of it.

None of our daily activities of breathing, walking, talking to others, or our working together to create something would be possible without the foundation of the universe and its laws.

To put it another way, it could be said that we do not fully make use of that power but use only a fraction of a millionth of the power even when we live under the great premise that we are supported by that cosmic power every day. That is why I encourage you to consider that there is a way of living that resonates with the power of the universe.

There Is a Path That Resonates With the Universe

There are times when we feel the resonance with the universe in the world of sports. It is the time when miracle-like plays become a reality and make us wonder how such plays became possible.

For instance, in golf, a player may make a series of birdies on many holes and sink putts over ten meters. Even in team sports, such as soccer and basketball, there are times when a series of superhuman-like skills dominate the game, such as dribbling past opposing defenders many times and making three-point shots one after another, easily achieving what would normally be considered impossible.

When people say that he is “in the zone” (a super-intensive state) or in a “flow state,” the player seems to be obtaining cosmic support beyond himself.

Of course, this does not just occur in sports.

There are times we feel that we are able to follow a miracle-like path that we can only see when we look back at a later time. It is the time when something that seemed extremely difficult is realized as if a camel going through the eye of a needle.

Such a circumstance might be a time when, no matter how you thought about it, the goal seemed difficult to achieve, but after your mind was settled, you were able to achieve the best possible solution.

Or, another example, when the development of a new product was stuck with no way out, and it seemed there was nothing more you could do, but then unexpected support appeared, and you were given a key that led to a solution. Or when you had many difficult issues before an upcoming deadline and felt that “nothing seemed feasible,” and then, the doors opened one after another, and a new path to your business was paved.

When we experience a solid central axis being established within us, the appearance of a person to support us, or the opening of a path out of nowhere, we are resonating with the universe by transcending ourselves.

We not only live on the foundation of the universe, but we also resonate with the laws and the power of the universe to make use of its energy and power.

Here lies the way of life that the Study of the Soul¹ seeks and pursues.

“Human beings exist as souls.” This means that we can live by repeating the faith and response with the entire universe while resonating with this connection to the universe.


Editor’s Note

1. Study of the Soul

The Study of the Soul is a system of theory and practice in which we seek a way of life by connecting the visible and invisible dimensions. In contrast to the study of phenomena, which science represents by dealing with the materialistic dimension, the Study of the Soul goes beyond that, dealing comprehensively with the materialistic dimension and the invisible dimension of the mind and soul. That is a principle that I have discovered from intensive studies of human beings and the individual life journeys of the many people whom I have met. By looking at the soul, mind, and reality as a whole, we observe human beings and hope to respond to every possible occasion. (Excerpt from p.40 of How to Make Your Life the Best by Keiko Takahashi)