Compass of the Times 200

Compass of the Times 200

To Follow the Divine Truth

Keiko Takahashi

Invitation to Shift from the Surface Layer to the Deeper Layer

This year, when the new coronavirus contagion swept over the world, a new way of everyday life, completely different from usual, emerged around us.

At the same time, we have passed through the heat of summer and now head into autumn, with its cooler weather in the mornings and evenings in the same way it has always been.

The season of autumn invites us to shift our consciousness that was before focused on our outside, to now be directed inside. It can also be said that autumn is a season that calls us to grasp those things and incidents not just at a superficial level but diving down to understanding them at their deeper level.

Do you remember the content of my lecture last year? There, I talked about two melodies: the melody that flows in the surface layer and the melody that flows in the deeper layer. If we are preoccupied with the busyness of our daily lives, we will end up chasing only the rapidly changing events and incidents that occur at the surface. It is often the case that all we do is to respond to these events.

The deepening of autumn naturally invites us to the other melody, our themes that lie at greater depths. I would like you, more than anything, to listen deeply to the callings of this time.

If We Do Not Follow the Divine Truth, We Have No Power

The path allowing us to access and respond to the other melody, the deeper themes, can only be joined when we live a life based on the Divine Truth.

There is something that we, who want to live by the Divine Truth, must first instill deeply in our minds. That is, the Divine Truth, being the laws of the universe and nature, and of human life, is prevailing and permeates everywhere.

It is no different, whether in the phenomenal world or the spiritual world. Whether in the materialistic and tangible dimension or in the formless and invisible dimension, the Divine Truth consistently and pervasively exists everywhere.

Many people live according to the Divine Truth without even being aware of it. They may not even be aware that, through the moments of their lives, they are basing themselves on the Divine Truth. No matter what we do, no matter what kind of aspiration we try to actualize, or no matter what kind of purpose we aim for, our foundation is nothing but the laws of the universe and nature, and of human life.

If we do not follow the Divine Truth, we have no power. That power can be obtained if we follow the Divine Truth.

This is a law that cannot be overemphasized. That is why we must deeply perceive the Divine Truth, learn it correctly, and work towards putting it into practice in our daily lives.

Kaho of Light Transformation Is Manifested as a Blessing

Lastly, as a practitioner of the Divine Truth, there is one thing I would like to confirm. When we are able to turn our reality of darkness into light with a new mind and new deeds, we will consider this to be a natural consequence of life that is based on the Divine Truth.

Certainly, according to the law of cause and effect, in other words, In-En-Kaho¹, we can renew Kaho by adjusting our In and En. It can be concluded as an inevitable consequence.

Yet, at the same time, I feel that having another sense of perception is also essential. When our reality is changed by the way we live in accordance with the Divine Truth; for instance, when possibilities are drawn forth by stopping the situation from turning into darkness, or when disputes with people are brought to an end, and trust is created that never existed before, these outcomes may seem to you to be reasonable. However, that does not explain all of what happened. If we tell someone what we think is “right,” and they understand us fully, it is an extraordinary result; we should never take such an event for granted.

I would like to think that the result was given by the support of all that is around us. If by changing our minds and deeds, our reality was transformed into light and people became receptive to our thoughts and cooperated with us, there must have been a great power at work.

Regardless of how much effort we put in, these changes, achievements, and Kaho of light are always given to us as a blessing.

I believe it is necessary for us to cultivate a climate where such senses and feelings are intertwined.


Editor’s Note

1. In-En-Kaho

In-En-Kaho is the law of cause and effect.All phenomena are seen as a manifestation of the result (Kaho) produced by combining together cause (In), which is the source, and conditions (En). In other words, we grasp the flow of the energy that controls all of creation and destruction in this world by using the three poles. There is not a single phenomenon in this world that can be separated from the law of In-En-Kaho. All matter in the universe and every possible reality are the result (Kaho) that is created by the cause (In) and the conditions (En).
(Excerpted and summarized from pages 125 and 126 of The Soul Doctrine as a Way of Life)