Compass of the Times 241

Compass of the Times 241

To Resonate Visions

Keiko Takahashi

Let Us Make It a Year That Embraces Vision

In Japan, April is the second beginning of the year, and most public calendars follow the fiscal year that begins in April. Schools, government offices, and many businesses begin a new cycle in April.

If that is so, why not consider a new theme and objective for the new year in our work, studies, club activities, and in our friendships?

It is also a good idea to look again at the goals we set at the beginning of this year.

What I would like to call upon you to do this month, however, is not only to think and look at your ordinary goals. What I am asking, above all, is for you to renew your “vision” that will carry you through the year.

What does the Japanese word 志 (kokorozashi: vision, will, willpower) mean? It is not just a goal. According to some dictionaries, it says “Something that one sets the mind to aim for. To make up one’s mind to become like this or to do this.”

The Japanese word 志 is composed of the character 士 (go, head for) sitting on top of the character 心 (heart). Thus, a vision (志) is where our True Heart goes; in other words, it is where our True Heart decides that “I aim to reach this point.”

If we can clearly become aware of the destination of our True Hearts, keep it in our minds, and always recall and practice it, we are embracing our “vision.” This is what it means.

What Does a Vision Bring?

What happens when we have visions from our True Hearts? In a way, it is beyond our imagination.

Visions lead us to a different self from what we were. They raise our consciousness to a higher level.

The “point where the True Heart aims to reach” as a vision will be different from our current situation. It is where we cannot reach without changing ourselves and without developing and evolving ourselves. In other words, it is where we can only reach by bringing forth our new selves. It is equivalent to bringing forth the Other Self, which is different from the former self. A vision is the aspiration of the True Heart itself that always seeks such heights.

Something certainly changes before and after we embrace a vision.

By having a vision, we can use our inner power to lift up not only ourselves but also those around us and even beyond. It means that we can use our power to contribute to our surroundings and the world beyond ourselves.

It is precisely because of such nature that visions can bring a refreshing breeze into our lives and the reality around us.

The situation has not changed, but after we set our vision, we feel as if the situation has been reborn anew. No matter how many times we tried, we failed to achieve good results, but we feel that we are ready to try again. Even though we could have done nothing about the situation before, we now feel that a new door has been prepared for us to break through.

To Resonate Visions

We usually spend much of the time in our lives swayed by mundane desires and cravings. If we are hungry, all we can think about is eating. If we are thirsty, we buy a drink. If we see an ad for a TV show or magazine that interests us, our attention is drawn to it one after another.

But “visions” are different. They allow us to concentrate without distraction, even in a variety of miscellaneous situations. This is because “visions” are the crystallization of our deepest aspirations, our True Hearts wishes.

We wish, “I want to live this way” or “This year, I want to accomplish this.” When we speak from our True Hearts in this way, such voices themselves will have power. When we resonate with our “vision,” we emit a frequency that has a tangible and intangible impact on the world. There is always a soul somewhere in the world that is waiting to resonate with the frequency of that “vision.”

We must do our utmost to echo and resonate our visions. This is the most authentic path that will create a better flow in the world.

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