Compass of the Times 240

Compass of the Times 240

Listening to the Calling

Keiko Takahashi

Evolving the Inner-Outer Energy Exchange

This month of March is another milestone of the year in Japan, as it is the end of the fiscal year. This month, I suggest that we think about the signs that lead to a way of life that further develops the potential we have within us.

What we do most of the time in the real world is to sense, perceive, think, and act on things—the exchange of energy between the inner and outer worlds from outside to inside and from inside to outside.

We can even say that this energy exchange, from outside to inside, and inside to outside, is the only thing humans ever do. It is no exaggeration to say that our lives are summed up in this Inner-Outer Energy Exchange.

In other words, if we can evolve this Inner-Outer Energy Exchange further, it will be tantamount to drawing forth our own potential.

A Way of Life of “Listening to the Calling”

How can we evolve our Inner-Outer Energy Exchange? One of the keys lies in the way of life of Listening to Callings1.

It is when we experience encounters and events that we engage in the Inner-Outer Energy Exchange in our lives. Whether we are aware of it or not, when we face a situation and are involved in that reality, we repeatedly sense, perceive, think, and act, circulating the energy exchange between inside and outside.

What is important, then, is to know that the encounters, events, and things we face contain several aspects and cannot be captured in a one-size-fits-all way of looking at them.

For example, it is not uncommon for a reality that seems like a mistake to become the sign for a new way of life that was once impossible to demonstrate. Or an experience that can only be seen as a huge success becomes the catalyst for the exposure of a problem we have. What we see at that moment is only one possibility, or one limitation of the reality.

There are many layers of Strata of Meaning2 in all things. We traverse and trace back the Strata of Meaning and experience deeper meaning as we live in our reality. Through such a process, we can maximize the power of our Inner-Outer Energy Exchange.

The Study of the Soul teaches us that our perception of reality deepens when our minds evolve. If we approach things with an Impression, we can only see the outer layer of the situation, the Surface. But if we proceed with our True Heart, we can touch the Core Truth of the situation. Moreover, if we access it with a mind that knows our Personal Mission: our true mission, we can grasp the Divine Will that lies even deeper within the situation. The way of life of Listening to the Calling is to awaken our True Heart from our Impression to be led to the state of Personal Mission. In doing so, we go from the Surface of things to approach its Core Truth, and ultimately, we can touch the Divine Will.

We can evolve our Inner-Outer Energy Exchange by asking our minds and thinking about the callings from the situations we face.

Thoughts on the New Book “Your Other Self”

My book, Your Other Self: Awakening the Sage of the Soul, is a book also written with the hopes of bringing out our hidden potential.

We are now witnessing the reality of an increasingly turbulent world. The future is uncertain with various difficulties both domestically and internationally. In this new book, I have written that the key to drawing out our greatest potential lies in finding the Other Self. The Other Self is the “soul” that lives deep within us, and, it is a word that symbolizes the hidden potential that we do not even know we have.

Discovering the Other Self and living as a soul is an experience and a reality that is like discovering ourselves as the main body of an iceberg hidden beneath the surface of the water, whereas we have always thought of ourselves as the tip of the iceberg appearing above the water. When we learn that the majority of the iceberg below the surface of the water is also us and master how to control it, we are inevitably guided to live in a different way. To awaken the Other Self is the great calling that is now coming to each of us.

Editor’s Note

1. Listening to Callings

Each encounter, each event, is not something that happens to us by “chance or accident.” They come to us out of necessity, for a reason, and have meaning. When we call out this sensibility of the soul, when we make the soul our center of gravity, we are able to ask of even the most negative situation, “What is this encounter, this event, calling me to do?” And we are able to step out on a new way of living as we ask ourselves, “How can I change?” (Excerpts from pages 47-49 of Keiko Takahashi’s book, Reclaim Your Life: The Power to Survive the Time of the Unbelievable, currently available only in Japanese)

2. Strata of Meaning

If we look at everything with a shallow Impression, we can only obtain a superficial meaning from them: good or bad; loss or gain; and valuable or valueless. That is because everything is grasped only on its Surface. But when our spiritual level or the state of our mind deepens, the reality that we can grasp will also increase in depth. If we are able to go beyond Impression and accept things with our True Heart, the Core Truth of everything will come into sight. The True Heart lies deep behind social correctness or candid feelings. It is the true feeling that comes from the dimension of the soul; it is the true aspiration. When we sense these feelings, we experience something like the removal of a veil that had covered the world. The world as we know it will split open to allow a new world to emerge. The Core Truth is a plain fact unclouded by our preconceptions. It is indeed the reality that has become one with our true feelings, true aspirations. And that is not all. There is an even deeper way of perception. If we can interact with everything at the level of Personal Mission (something that only the person can undertake and respond to in the flow of life force of the universe) in which we acknowledge our own mission, we will be able to accept the Divine Will that was entrusted to this situation. We will be able to sense various unseen connections and the weight of circumstances and be able to respond to the mission that we should accomplish.
(Excerpts from pages 77-79 of Keiko Takahashi’s book, The Soul Doctrine as a Way of Life)

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