Compass of the Times 181

Compass of the Times 181

To Become Zenyu (Good Friends)

Keiko Takahashi

Think about Zenyu

Every April we hold the Zenyu Gathering in commemoration of the anniversary of GLA. Although I have referred to the meaning of Zenyu several times in the past, I would like to look back on it once again.

It originates from Buddha, the founder of Buddhism, who emphasized the importance of Zenyu to his disciples when asked about its meaning. He responded, “Having Zenyu, a good friend, is equal to the entire path to enlightenment.” For us, Zenyu means nothing but the friends and companions who aspire to accomplish growth and evolution by helping each other based on the Study of the Soul. By doing so, we can all respond to our individual mission.

The Zenyu Gathering was named with the wish for us to become good friends for each other. This month, I would like to take time to reflect once more on the preciousness of Zenyu, friends who walk the path together.

Large Flow that Moves Through the Cave of Karmic Destiny to Reach the Horizon of Mission

To begin with, why is it so important to obtain Zenyu? The importance of having friends who study and practice together, and the meaning of travelling the path together with many interactions with others (Zenyu), is that a large flow will be created that goes through the Cave of Karmic Destiny to reach the Horizon of Mission.

Without being aware, we begin our life and mold ourselves in a way that produces a certain way of life. Such a way of life is repeated day after day and, in this way, is strengthened to eventually become quite natural, and it will become unthinkable to live any other way.

I call this the initial self. Anyone who is born into this world creates the initial self without being aware.

In the Study of the Soul, we consider that the initial self is the self who is in the Cave of Karmic Destiny. In other words, when we remain as the initial self, we are merely the self who is bound and restricted by the conditions that life has given to us.

The step that produces the next self from the initial self is the Reversal of Destiny based on the Study of the Soul.

We observe ourselves, examine our mind (Ju-Hatsu-Shiki) and conduct, and create a new reality by transforming ourselves. This process also consists of the steps to discover our true aspiration within us and to respond to it.

Of course, this is not an easy process when we are in the stage of the initial self. It is not easy because we are affected by the force of self-preservation that tries to protect the old self and the habitual force or inertia that derives from repetitive habits. These forces have a powerful impact to make us remain as the initial self.

What gives us great help to overcome the self-preserving force and inertia and allows us to produce a new self, is the existence of Zenyu and the way that many Zenyu are striving for. Zenyu may give us direct support or provide specific assistance. Alternatively, they may tell us which path to take by showing us their way of living.

However, what is most significant is that the place, created by many Zenyu, is filled with the flow of energy that guides us to escape from the Cave of Karmic Destiny, go through the Reversal of Destiny, and reach the Horizon of Mission.

It means that a flow solemnly exists that guides us from initial self to become the next self, even though our inertia tends to keep us as the initial self; and eventually, the flow guides us to the final form of the self. By merely placing ourselves there, we can gain the strength to leave our old dwelling and head toward our new self.

Callings from the 50th Anniversary of GLA

It is no exaggeration to say that the path of GLA up until now has been building the foundation of that great flow.

Shinji Takahashi, the founder of GLA, started conveying the Divine Truth, and on April 8th, 1969, GLA was established as a religious organization by many volunteers who gathered around him. On the 8th of this month, we will celebrate the 50th anniversary of GLA.

Our history of half a century has cultivated the unshakable foundation for the awakening of soul. Having established a stable foundation that produces many souls who can escape from the

Cave of Karmic Destiny to live in the Horizon of Mission, we move on to the next stage.

Each person manifests their mission to create a point, which then connects with another to form a line. The accumulation of lines will resonate with one another to form a meshwork, and ultimately, it will bring about a reality of resonating missions. That is, the reality of each mission collaborating and resonating with each other.


Editor’s Note

1. The Study of the Soul

Sensei describes as follows: “The Study of the Soul is the system of theory and practice that connects visible and invisible dimensions as one in searching for the way humans live. As opposed to the study of phenomena which only handles materialistic dimension as science represents, the Study of the Soul attempts to grasp both materialistic dimension and the one that goes beyond it, the invisible dimension of mind and soul. This is the principle that is discovered in the course of my exploration of human beings and the life history of many people that I have witnessed. It is also my wish to respond to everything by looking into human beings based on the comprehensive perspective of the soul, mind, and reality.” (Excerpted from page 50 of How to Make Your Life the Best; available only in Japanese)

2. Cave of Karmic Destiny, Reversal of Destiny, Horizon of Mission (Map of Life)

The original Japanese for Map of Life, Ninden-Keirin-Zu, contains the meaning of a promise between heaven and human beings; and what indicates the real picture of human life from the perspective of the Great Existence or God, is the Map of Life. The soul lives through eternal time through past lives, present life, and next life. The Map of Life shows the path of the soul through which it achieves evolution and growth in three stages—Cave of Karmic Destiny, Reversal of Destiny, and Horizon of Mission. When we are born in this world, everyone is engulfed in the Cave of Karmic Destiny by karma, the immaturity of the soul, and three streams of influence (family, place, and era). However, by continuing to draw out light from Chaos that comes every day and to create the reality transformed into light, we can escape from the Cave of Karmic Destiny and achieve the Reversal of Destiny. In the process, Establishment of the Self and Harmony of the World are brought about so that everyone can head toward the Horizon of Mission where we can fulfill the aspiration of the soul. (Excerpted and summarized from 2017 Gathering in Gratitude, “Map of Life, Life from the Perspective of God ”, 2018 Zenyu Gathering, “Map of Life, Walk the Path of the Nine Stages of Enlightenment ”; available only in Japanese)

3. Ju-Hatsu-Shiki

Ju (perception) is to perceive events that occurred in reality (external world) into our mind (internal world). Hatsu (response) is to interact with the external world after perception. Shiki (reality) is a Buddhist term that refers to visible realities or the external world: incidents and events, including people. As long as we live, human beings continue to turn this cycle of Ju-Hatsu-Shiki and keep producing realities even if we are not aware of it. (Excerpted and summarized from pages 66-67 of The Glossary of the Divine Truth 2012; available only in Japanese)