The English version of “The Reason Why You Live There ──How to Find Your Mission in Life” has been released.

How to Find Your Mission in Life

You exist in this world as a unique individual. There is no other human being who is the same as you. Within you, there is a solid reason for your existence that no one can deny. To put in other words, “there is a mission that only you can accomplish.” Once you realize this, your consciousness, your daily routine, and your life will all change dramatically from its foundation. This book was written for you to find the mission meant for you alone. Use this book as a clue for questioning your own reality, probing the depths of your mind, and inquiring into the mystery of the soul. In so doing, there is no doubt that you certainly will be able to find the reason you are living here and the mission in life you should accomplish.



Chapter One
The Path of Eternity
Life Itself Aims for Completion

Chapter Two
The Door of Necessity
“Reality” Teaches the Way That Should Be Taken

Chapter Three
The Key to the Next Dimension
Evolution of the “Mind” Changes the World

Chapter Four
The Ladder of Destiny
The Soul Seeks a Destination

Chapter Five
The Answer to Your Existence
Discovering Your Mission