The Two Doors

At the root of the countless choices that shape our lives is a choice between two views of humanity and of the world: whether to see humans as material substances or whether to see humans as souls. The symbols of these choices are The Two Doors. Beyond the door on the left is a world that perceives humans as material substances, and beyond the door on the right is a world that perceives humans as souls.

Of The Two Doors, the door on the left leads to a world in which we live with a materialistic view of humanity and the world. Here, we exist as lumps of material substance, and death is the end of everything. We perceive that everything happens by coincidence and by chance. The longer we live in this world, the more we are eroded by the nihilism of self-doubt, distrust of others and distrust of the world.

On the other hand, beyond the door on the right is the world of the view of humanity and of the world as eternal life. Here, we are soul existences, and even if our flesh dies, our life continues beyond death. And we accept all encounters and events not as coincidences or by chance, but as indispensable callings for the soul to respond to its mission.

As we live in the world of the right side door, we come to know our True Heart which is different from Public Stance or Raw Honest Feelings, discover the purpose of our life, dispel nihilism, and take steps to regain trust in ourselves, trust in others, and trust in the world. Furthermore, we ask the meaning of each situation we encounter in our lives, and by taking initiative in facing each situation, we will be able to create a new reality and live our life with brilliance. Depending on which of the two worlds we live in beyond The Two Doors, we will create a completely different reality.

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