The Four Types of Chaos

We perceive the various events and situations that come in our lives as Chaos, a state in which there is no outcome yet, and harbors all possibilities and limitations within it. And Chaos can be divided into four types: Event Chaos, Calling Chaos, Theme Chaos, and Relationship Chaos.

Event Chaos is a typical Chaos that makes you feel, “Chaos has come!” It appears in the form like events that are marked on a schedule, such as a new product launch scheduled in six months at work or an entrance exam in the following year.

Calling Chaos is a Chaos that mostly comes suddenly in the form of trials, such as natural disasters, accidents, illnesses, failures, and setbacks. It is calling to us to change, to grow, to stop, and to jump in. So, if we do not accurately perceive the calling, we will not be able to draw out the best reality from it.

Theme Chaos is a Chaos that emerges from our concerns or aspiration. A typical example of this is to take on a challenge to something new. An aspiration or purpose to do something arises, and with that a new theme appears, which becomes Chaos. However, if we miss the timing to take on the Theme Chaos, the Chaos may reappear as Calling Chaos.

Relationship Chaos is a Chaos that appears in the form of encounters and connections with people. Just as an encounter with a person can change your life, cultivating your relationships with people can bring about a new flow and expansion in your life.

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