The Four Themes of Transmigration

Our soul harbors a theme that we want to fulfill over the course of transmigration through our past lives, current life, and next life. The 4 themes are: (1) To mend and develop one’s soul, (2) To reestablish one’s relationships, (3) To accomplish one’s unfinished aspirations, and (4) To illuminate people and places.

The Four Themes of Transmigration: (1) To mend and develop one’s soul is, through one’s lifetime, to repair the constraints of our soul and to bring out the potential for growth even more. By overcoming the limitations of our own immature mind and drawing out our true potential, we are able to mend and develop one’s soul.

(2) To reestablish one’s relationships is the theme to reconcile relationships once again that have been distorted or bonds that have been severed in a previous life.

(3) To accomplish one’s unfinished aspirations is to fulfill our unfinished aspirations that we could not complete and had to end our life midway through in the previous life. It means that the aspirations we have in our current life may be connected to such unfinished aspirations.

(4) To illuminate people and places, is to support, encourage, and guide people and places around us with the light we have cultivated in our life.

The events that occur in our life may seem to have happened by chance, but they are actually connected to the Four Themes of Transmigration. In each daily event lies dormant voiceless callings that are trying to convey that theme to us. Through each encounter and event in our life, we can realize and fulfill the themes of transmigration.

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