Memorial Service

GLA’s concept about a memorial service is based on the perspective of eternal life, approached with the aspiration to reestablish bonds (reconciliation) of souls living in this world (Phenomenal World) and the other world (World of our Origin), and for the development and maturation of souls of both sides. In this sense, it is set apart from conventional memorial services.

The essence of a memorial service is your reverence, gratitude, and love toward a departed soul, a dialogue between souls that will be brought forth from there. The purpose of a memorial service for a soul who was close to you or for your remote ancestors, is to reestablish bonds with a departed soul and to mutually achieve evolution and growth.

To inherit the will of a soul and to live life earnestly are one and the same; deepening of our state of mind through such a way of living becomes light and will be conveyed to the souls to whom we are connected. It is for this purpose, that Keiko Takahashi sensei created what is the practice of offering personal memorial services, the lifestyle for conducting memorial services based on the Study of the Soul.

In the practice of offering personal memorial services, we prepare a place for the practice, for example, at home, purify our body, and start with a prayerful heart. The standard practice period is 30 days. The first phase is to open a channel of communication with the deceased; the second phase is to reflect back on yourself; the third phase is to speak to the deceased with love based on your realizations and discoveries. During this period, we continuously send light to the soul whom we offer a memorial service by reading the Path of Prayer, Revised Edition aloud or by hand-copying it. Thus, each one of these practices brings irreplaceable light to the souls who departed to the invisible dimension.

Takahashi sensei also commenced the Special Memorial Service held in GLA, which is founded on this practice of offering personal memorial services.

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