Life of Past-Future Symmetry

If we live day to day with the usual mindset, we end up “creating today like yesterday, and creating tomorrow like today.” The wisdom that discovers the cause of life’s repetition and opens up a new destiny is the Life of Past-Future Symmetry.

Living in this world is like driving through the highway at high speed. Various events and incidents come before us, and we must respond to them one after another.

Once our mind touches on each Chaos, it will crystallize into either reality of light or reality of darkness. As a result, we accumulate various realities we have created behind us.

If we nebulously touch on Chaos that is rushing to us from the future, with the same mind as in the past, we will “create today like yesterday, and create tomorrow like today.” The reality in the future ahead of us, looks a lot like the one in the past behind us, and we end up creating a Life of Past-Future Symmetry.

Furthermore, the Life of Past-Future Symmetry not only influences the present life, but also the dimension of transmigration of the soul. “Creating today like yesterday, and creating tomorrow like today” will become “creating the present life like the past lives, and creating the next life like the present life.”

Nonetheless, if we reflect back our mind that has been giving shape to Chaos and confront the Chaos once again with a new mindset, we will be able to escape from the Life of Past-Future Symmetry and create a new life.

Source of reference:
2017 New Year Gathering “Escape from the Life of Past-Future Symmetry: Confront Chaos from Within”
(Lecture DVD and CD)