Great Tree of Life

We cultivate throughout our life a tree called Great Tree of Life. Depending on the state of our mind, we pump up either energy of light or energy of darkness that flows in the soul, to create reality of light or darkness respectively.

The Great Tree of Life is comprised of three layers—the Soul, the Mind, and Events (Realities).

The branches of the Great Tree of Life represent the Layer of the Mind. Furthermore, the roots of the Great Tree of Life represent the Layer of the Soul. In the Layer of the Soul, there are two types of energies—the energy of light and that of darkness, flowing as if a groundwater vein. The energy of light is Soul’s Aspiration; and the energy of darkness is Karma. Soul’s Aspiration means a strong wish that each soul harbors. Karma means distortions and weaknesses of the soul that have been repeated during one’s transmigrations.

When our Bonno fills the Layer of the Mind, our Mind pumps up the groundwater of darkness created by Karma, and we end up producing fruit of poison or reality of darkness, such as repeating the same mistakes many times. Conversely, when our Bodaishin fills our Mind, our Mind pumps up the groundwater of light led by Soul’s Aspiration, and we can produce fruit of light or reality of light.

By establishing the Bodaishin within our Mind to confront life’s trials and problems in this way, we can grow a Great Tree of Life that produces fruits of light.

We grow our own Great Tree of Life throughout our lifetime. It is our Mind that determines which fruit we can produce, either the fruit of light or that of poison.

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