Special Memorial Service

GLA holds Special Memorial Services every spring and summer at prayer halls of GLA buildings in respective areas. There, by the prayer of Keiko Takahashi sensei, light of the Great Existence, God, is shed, and the window between this world (World of Phenomena) and the other world (World of Our Origin) is opened, and you are guided to an encounter with departed souls.

Takahashi sensei breathed new life into a conventional religious tradition of “memorial service,” and created the Special Memorial Service as the true memorial service. The Special Memorial Service is based on the cyclical perspective of life: humans are souls who harbor eternal life, and existences that deepen their evolution and growth as they transmigrate through this world (World of Phenomena) and the other world (World of Our Origin).

Participants of the memorial service, work on the practice of offering personal memorial services beforehand in which they reflect back on the life of the deceased and speak to them with prayer and love. They then attend the day of the service.

At the service, the window that connects this world and the other world is opened with Takahashi sensei’s prayer, and participants closely feel the presence of the deceased in various forms. And both participants and the deceased recall one after the other, events and encounters that had sunk to the depth of their mind and had been forgotten, and their deep pain, suffering and sorrow melt away, and the baton of the deceased’s regrets and aspirations are passed on to the participants. In addition, the participants come to realize deep and unwavering bonds that go beyond time and space, which lead the participants themselves to their new steps.

This mutual collaboration in resonance deepens even more when the special memorial service is repeated. A deep healing also comes to the supporting members and companions involved in the service. The Special Memorial Service is a place where not only departed souls, but we who live in this world, are invited to a new journey in life.

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