Reversal of Destiny

Reversal of Destiny means that by bringing out the inner power of each person, we break through the limits of our respective lives, and revive our life’s purpose and mission that we could not even believe existed.

We believe that destiny is something that existed before we were born, in other words, life’s conditions given from outside. However, in the Study of the Soul, we think that destiny is not only something given from outside, but also something that our mind, which receives things given from outside, creates.

That is, by bringing out our inner power, we can create our destiny by ourselves and retrieve the core of our destiny back to ourselves. We can reverse the destiny that makes us moan, “I can do nothing about it.” And, the Reversal of Destiny has the following features:
• Turn a desperate situation into a potentially miraculous recovery.
• Produce a completely new dimension of reality out of a trial.
• Transform a monotonous way of life into one that is vivid and vibrant.
• Overcome distrust of people and the world, and regain trust and a sense of bonds.
• Open up a new future that is discontinuous from the past.
• Transform a mind that sets limitations to be born anew as a different person.
• Free oneself from unrelenting shackles and weight of the gravity of life.
• Bring to shine the past that one could not accept.
• Discover one’s mission inside of what one thought to be a life of decline.

Source of reference:

–“Reversing Destiny” (English publication)