Prayer is an act to look into one’s mind that wavers, to breathe along with the Great Existence, God, and nature, and to recall one’s true aspiration, true heart.

In general, prayer is considered to be an act of supplication when visiting shrines and temples or churches, for one’s family’s good health and business prosperity, success in one’s exams, etc. Also, when people suffer or have problems, it seems that many often pray for the removal of their suffering and for the fulfillment of their wishes.

However, true prayer is not meant for soliciting a reward. Prayer is not for asking God and the Divine Entities to grant our wishes, but is an act to recall our true aspiration, our true heart, by contemplating deeply in our inner realm and looking into our own mind, and is a dialogue with the Great Existence, God.

The etymology of the Japanese word inori for prayer consists of the notion to ride on the breath of God and the Divine Entities. By attuning our breath to the breath of nature and the universe through prayer, and transcending our ordinary level of consciousness, we entrust ourselves to the presence of the Great Existence, God. This experience gives us a great peace of mind, significant transformations in our ways of feeling and thinking which we had until now, and guides us to recall how we should live.

The Path of Prayer, Revised Edition is an aid for practicing and deepening true as described above. It is not through one’s own way of praying, but through the words of the prayers from The Path of Prayer, Revised Edition, that one’s prayer can be deepened into true prayer.

“The Path of Prayer, Revised Edition” (English publication)