Nine Stages of Enlightenment

We can walk toward our Final Form of Self by pursuing and practicing the Divine Truth. The Nine Stages of Enlightenment shows the process of deepening our spiritual state and wisdom through 9 stages.

The Nine Stages of Enlightenment begins first with the Discovery of the Mind, where we grasp our mind with our mind and understand the connection between our mind and reality. Next, you will feel the Conflict between the False Self and Good Self, where the darkness and light within you clash. Then you will go through the process of Mastering of Shikan (of Introspection) where you can see through your inner darkness and sever yourself from it. And then to the Establishment of the Good Self, where our inner center of gravity shifts from the False Self to the Good Self. And then to the Real Self in Distant Sight, where you become able to feel the overwhelming reality of your Real Self.

The next stage is Mission Activated, where your soul’s aspiration awakens and you start living your mission, and as you become aware of your soul’s aspiration you try to always live it, which is the Vowing as a Disciple. And then the next move is to the stage of Starting to Attain Divine Perspectivewhere you can see through the real entity of the world, and finally reach the state of Ultimate Perceptive Power, where the soul is used by the will of the universe.

Prior to the Nine Stages of Enlightenment, when we are in the dimension of Immersion in False Self, we are under the control of one’s birth and upbringing and are tossed about in the Three Streams of Influence (Family, Place, Era), and become lost, distressed, and suffer.

The Stairs to the Birth of the Real Self, from the first to the fifth stage, are the stages where we escape from this Immersion in False Self, continue to connect our inside (mind) and outside (reality), and nurture the Good Self. On the way as we climb up from the first to the fifth stage, we will encounter a completely different self from what we had been before. Then, in the next dimension of Birth of the Real Self, we will reach our true selves and fulfill our mission in this world.

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