Murmurs are the premises of life that we have unconsciously taken on through our birth and upbringing, that is, wrong beliefs and assumptions. These murmurs are rooted in the base of our thoughts, feelings, and ways of thinking, and create our lives.

We all have pet phrases that we frequently murmur inside our minds on all kinds of occasions even before realizing it, regardless of whatever encounters or events, or people we face. Those pet phrases are views or ways of thinking that have taken root like hard-frozen snow beneath a great diversity of thoughts and feelings that arise in response to events and situations.

The Study of the Soul calls those pet phrase-like thoughts and feelings murmurs. For example, murmurs are such as “I can’t fail. If I do, life’s over,” “I know best. You should do as I say,” “Humans are two-faced,” or “Someone will surely help me.” These are what our parents told us through our upbringing, or thoughts that we have acquired in the atmosphere of our region and era, and we are always murmuring those thoughts and feelings at the bottom of our minds. In other words, murmurs are tacit premises from our era or society, biased views on humanity and the world, and wrong beliefs or assumptions, that we have taken on in our lives.

Our moment-to-moment feelings and thoughts are bound by these murmurs. We unknowingly in time, perceive reality under the control of the murmurs we have taken on and create our own lives as such.

Therefore, all the more, to grasp these murmurs, which are the shadow rulers of life, is essential in changing our lives and realities.


– “The Essentials of Shikan Practice I” (Textbook written by Takahashi sensei for the new study session of the Shikan Sheet (Reflection and Insight Sheet))
(available only in Japanese)

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(available only in Japanese)