Law of Disintegration
Law of Uncontrollability

There are two laws at work in this world we live in. They are called the law of disintegration that makes everything old and weathered, and the law of uncontrollability under which complex relationships are intertwined and things do not go as we wish.

In the world we live in, the two laws called the law of disintegration and the law of uncontrollability are at work.

When we work on something, although it may seem perfect at the planning and scheduling stage, once we implement it, various problems and unexpected obstacles start to appear. It is no exaggeration to say that they always appear. That is because this world is Saha that thrusts a blade into our mind, and is the place where the law of disintegration and the law of uncontrollability are at work.

The law of disintegration is a strong flow from order to disorder. Everything in this world, if left as is, will for certain grow old, deteriorate, rust and decay.

And the law of uncontrollability literally means we cannot control things as we want. It is difficult to make ourselves understood as intended, and even when we think that a problem is not on our side, unexpected obstacles arise. To live in this world means that we must live under these two laws.

Due to these two laws, all kinds of problems arise in the world. However, if we accept these two laws as premises for living in the world, we will be able to bring forth an unwavering mind to face situations, thinking, “Whatever happens is of no wonder,” and create new realities even in the midst of the flow of these two laws.


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